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I am beyond stunned. May God watch over his family in their time of need. We have lost a powerful conservative voice.

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McCaskill is in office for one reason. Unions. They are the ones that pushed hard and got her elected. Missouri has had enough of her and the Carnahans for 20 lifetimes. Vote both her and OBysmal out in 2012.

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Pretty soon all of the hard working, tax paying citizens of California will move away and then who will be left to pay the high cost of union pensions, social programs and welfare recipients? You can bet Obama will step up and use our tax dollars to bail out California. What will stop this madness? Will the American people do anything?

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Thank God our city has been spared this debacle and the little arrogant, narcissistic dictator got his comeupance.

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Please God let North Korea offer Slick Willy a permanent job.

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I used to believe that most demorats and a few republicans were just corrupt, lying, cheating, underhanded, lowlife, unconscionable, no good thieving jackasses. I now think I must add the term EVIL to that previous description. These arrogant bitc*es and basta*ds need to have their butts kicked out of office and then the country. To me much of what they are doing is treason against our Constitution and We the People. Starting in 2010 we must vote them out of office before they pass some new legislature saying that they cannot be voted out of office.

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The only nation in the whole damn region that isn't still living in the year 620 and we are going to turn out backs on them because we are being led by a cowardly bully with an agenda. May God help America wake up.

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Nancy Pelosi does not care what is in his Bill. It is just one more step in making America do what she and her cronies forcing us to do want they want us to do. She desire to reshape all of America in their likeness and beliefs. I pray that the majority of Californians wake up, come to their senses (highly unlikely) and vote her and Boxer out of office.

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Hopefully his numbers and then he Obama will fade away. Maybe he and ole Jimmy boy Carter can start a Spa in Afghanistan or something.

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Unfortunately the Clintons will not go away til they're both dead. I am afraid I will never get to see that day.