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Perhaps you should stick with sorting out Scotland!

I think we can manage to make our own political arrangements, and it definately wouldn't be splitting up England.

Why would we need to anyway, England is only currently treat with second class poltiical status by Westminster to pander to the 12 % of whingeing Celts, and to make them feel important.

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This made me laugh on a cold morning, it reminded me of West Midlands councillors pushing for NIssan to build their factory in the West Midlands on the simple premise that the West MIdlands was the centre of British vehicle manufacturing and therefore was the obvious candidate. They conveniently forgot that the likely reason why foreign manufacturers were looking at Sunderland, Derby, Swindon etc for sites, was to distance themselves from the antics of the Longbridge workforce mentality.

Nothing wrong with touting your corner, but the Manchester Mr Flanagan is talking about is barely relevant to the rest of the North West never mind the greater North outside of the M60, and certainly no more relevant than London is.

As for it being in the centre of the country, perhaps so in Mr Flanagans one dimensional, one axis world, but those with even the most basic geographical knowledge know that Manchester is 30 miles from the Irish sea, and nearly a 100 miles from the North Sea with woeful cross country transport links.

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Do you know what bigot means?

Another label for the ignorant and intolerant to use out of context, simply because their woeful one sided education makes them incapable of rational thought or the concept of contrary opinion having just as much validity as their own. I haven't called for the liberalising of anything, I have just defended the right of any person to live their lives and do anything they like within the law, it was once called conservatism, until the cockroaches of the illiberal left came out from behind the skirting board.

The real bigoted and intolerant are those like you and And_con, thinking you have some moral right to judge others, and interfere with the lives. You and your ilk are the real problem in our society, but you are just too bl**dy stupid to realise it.

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Well bu**er me, i thought gambling was an activity of all social groups, as a matter of interest most people gamble online these days , so the demise of the traditional bookies on the High Street was always going to happen irrespective of Covid.

As you are clearly not a gambler as your knowledge of the current preferred method of off course gambling is lacking, and I have no doubt you probably know 4/5th's of sod all about about 'deprived communities', that just leaves the pompous, moralising, interfering busybody, I'm from the government and I'm here to help category for you.

What do you want?

A ban on betting, keep the pubs closed, ban smoking completely, make the vaccine compulsory, ID cards probably etc, etc. Presumably like many of the moralising and interfering busybodies across politics at all levels you would prefer people to follow your example of being a miserable tw*t, and restrict them to watching wildlife documentaries and listening to the Archers. etc, etc.

Bu**er of back to the LibDem village, they are missing their idiot.

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The truth is we have been muzzled, sanitised, socially distanced, locked up in an open prison, and destroyed socially and economically to protect the NHS.

In return the NHS has not been overwhelmed, but has singularly failed to save over 100,000 people with Covid, and in the months to come we will get the butchers bill for how many it has failed in its basic duty of diagnosing and treating people with cancers, heart conditions, in fact everything but COVID.

With regard to Covid it has not only failed miserably, but has seemingly been the cause of many peoples early mortality. I personally know 4 people, 3 who died who were elderly, and who contracted Covid after contact in one form or another with the NHS, I actually don't know anybody who has contracted Covid in the community and then died in hospital of it.

So the question we need to ask ourselves what price in human lives will we have we paid for 'protecting' the NHS when all this sorry incompetent mess is over, and could it have been any worse if we had done bu**er all.

The reality is despite everything we have done we have one of the highest death rates in the world , far higher than many countries who have done far less to control the population, suggesting most of what we have done has been a complete and utter waste of time.

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If you ran a business with that attitude, you wouldn't be running it for long without customers.

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What a load of old tosh, this idea won't last longer than the realisation from businesses and touristy countries that the numbers visiting are not recovering.

The figure for people refusing vaccination is thought to be around 20% in this country, that is about 12 million in total who are going to be missing from the tourism economies. France and Germany are supposedly in the 40-50% refusal ballpark, that is in the region of 60-80million who won't be hogging all the sunbed across the Med.

As for pubs and other hospitality venues, here is a prediction, those like Wetherspoons who I have no doubt will not be party to such stupidity will recover quickly. Pubs and restaurants who make it a condition of entry will go bust.

There seems to be a view that somehow business can survive by magic, for those of us who have run businesses, you promote your selling opportunities to as wide an audience as possible, only those who have never run a business, presumably mostly from the cosy world of the public sector could think that limiting your market could be succesfull.

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I'm afraid this survey suggests the membership of your panel is made of the elderly who are actually conservative and don't like change, and probably William Hague types in the younger generations, old before their time and pretty irrelevant to the views of their wider demographic.

If this survey is remotely the view of Conservative Party members, it is certainly not the position of people who might vote Conservative who are predominately English, and who are increasingly resentful of the democratic and financial deficit they are subjected to, in order to pander to the whingeing celts. Hanging onto the idea of a union that to all intents and purpose has already been replaced by home rule in three countries at the expense of the fourth country is just a mixture of grasping at straws and tilting at windmills.

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Holy Loch was the American Submarine base that closed around 1992.

The UK submarine fleet is based at HMNB Clyde at Faslane on Gare Loch

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What is the purpose of this dreamy wandering around the daffodil fields.

We are talking about two bald men fighting over a comb.

We are talking about 'Watch that iceberg....Oops too late!!!

We are talking about Labour has only once chance and that is no chance, and the chances of the Conservative Party are even worse than that..

It all sounds a bit Forlorn Hope but without their percentage chance of success.