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There are 5,000 plus US companies working in life sciences sector alone with a further 10,000 companies plus providing facililties, equipment and resources. These innovative companies are working on projects that have the potential to eliminate or drastically transform UK health care.

The UK is about 7th in the league table of countries filing patents and we are massively behind the top 5 and dropping further behind every year. Now we are free of EU bureaucracy we must tackle the UK's constipated under performance by creating a positive stairway that will enable an idea to be quickly developed into a product or service. That stairway must be powered by genuine access to substantial financial grants.

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If we followed the advice of Ms. Harris and the WHO the countries that have the ability to continuously and rapidly invent, develop, test, produce and distribute vaccines to fight a constantly mutating virus would be brought to a standstill. Ms. Harris seems to have an infantile notion about how the dynamic vaccine pipe line operates. Her idea that there should be vaccine equality would simply mean the virus would destroy our ability to produce vaccines, whilst we were trying to get out of date vaccine to everyone on the planet.

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If the NHS is to be protected the priority must be to vaccinate those people most likely to end up needing hospital treatment. The delay however small caused by cherry picking groups like teachers (and there are many more similar 'compelling cases') who are statistically unlikely to block a hospital bed puts the NHS at risk. Once again Hunt shows his narrow minded approach which ultimately caused him to lose the leadership election.

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I'm booked for my COVID19 jab and I specifically asked for the Oxford Zeneca vaccine. I checked yesterday to make sure it would be the Oxford Zeneca and was told 'there is going to be a change'...

The UK vaccine procurement team has done a much better job that their EU counterparts in sourcing vaccines. But the EU is playing catch up by trying to snatch as much vaccine as they can get their hands on including the contracted supplies to the UK. As a result, it looks like my Oxford Zeneca jabs are going to be taken off me and given to someone in the EU. The UK is contracted to receive the latest Novax vaccine but I fear the EU will grab that too.

The EU is knocking the Oxford Zeneca vaccine whilst taking action to grab as much of it as possible by fair means or foul. That is the reveals the true nature of the EU.

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If I set up a donation funded organisation such as a think tank with a few of my mates as trustees and it pays me a nice big salary with all the trimmings, would I be an entrepreneur? Hmm...

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Hi AnnJ, Thanks for the reply. The EU is also preparing to put an Eco levy on all electrical and electronic equipment. All that money will be going directly to the EU too see and weep!


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The EU has finally managed to directly tax EU citizens and the citizens of any country that trades with the EU. The tax collected goes directly to the EU without interference from those pesky national governments.

The EU has latched onto the idea of imposing green levies on plastics that they claim can’t be recycled and the money raised goes directly to the EU to pay off debt. The tax take is estimated to be enough to fund EU spending of almost three quarters of a trillion Euros. The original cost of the plastics was probably about 200-300 Euros per tonne. The EU tax is 800 Euros per tonne. Now this precedent has been set, the EU can directly tax citizens over the heads of the national governments of EU member governments and those of trading partners like the UK. Food and farming are heavy users of plastics.

The only real control there has ever been over the EU was financial. Now the EU can tax directly it is totally out of control. You can bet the ranch, there will be a clause in the small print that ensures the EU will be able to tax UK citizens under the cover of environmental activism.

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The so called universities are mis-selling their courses by promising there will be a job for the students when they graduate. A typical university brochure says '80% of student who graduate find a job or go on to further study' That is totally mis-leading. The students who stumped up £40,000 in student debt. can't find a job in their chosen field and the universities then con them into spending another £30,000 on a higher degree and they still can't get a job in their chosen field. Worse still, if they went to a European university the fees for a higher degree are under £1,000. The universities should be forced to publish the full statistics on what demand there is for the qualifications they are hard selling and exactly what the out come was for past students.

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Hi antiestab, I thought the old system was the public schools supplied the academics, captains of industry, politicians and top civil servants. The grammar schools supplied the pen pushers and teachers and the secondary moderns and technical colleges supplied the plumbers, electricians, technicians and manual workers.

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The arts are pretty much a left wing sub-culture which is constantly undermining capitalism and critical of everything the Conservatives do. Yet there they are with their hands out asking for public money, half of which is paid for by the big business they hate and a big chunk of it by people who voted Conservative. Now they'll use that money to constantly whine about the hand that feeds them.