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I agree with your point JustSayin, but only if the USFWS fully discloses that this site is a former nuclear production facility known to have mishandled radioactive material for decades and the adequacy of it's cleanup is highly debated; not the disingenuous declaration of it just being a "Wildlife Refuge".

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Your reply still defies the most basic precept of supply and demand. Just because you state something doesn't allow you to reverse fundamental economic theory.

As for your comparison, while NYC and San Fran have an influx of people like Boulder they have for a long time had a rather finite amount of housing versus, according to you, the "carte blanche" building of monstrosities in Boulder.

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I'm not taking a stance one way or the other in the issue you raise, but I question your logic. Wouldn't "unchecked growth" and "carte blanche to drop" whatever size building they want suggest a shift to over supply of commercial space in Boulder. That would be driving prices DOWN?

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What a horrible tragedy. Our thoughts go out to these poor families.

Gun control anyone?

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I stand corrected. None of the land encompassing the 2 mile section Broomfield stetches over I-25 has any development (very suprising). I've frequently been around the area and have only ever seen Thornton or Erie signs.

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I'm not aware of any part of I-25 in Broomfield. Could the portion of the interstate where this happened be in Thornton, as reasoned by the statement "Thornton police...were assisting in the investigation"?

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Maybe Mr. Pladsen is planning to read each of his 8000 books before discarding them. He was reading them on the way to work then just chucking them out the car window when finished. Isn't that what smokers do?

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Just to clarify, this is a Boulder City OSMP trailhead off a state highway all in Boulder County: multiple jurisdictions. Nonetheless, the title seems just fine to me.

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There is no direct link between speech and the death of people. The people who carried out the atrocities of the Holocaust or the KKK could have used their free will and chosen not to listen. People killed by guns do not have they same choice to ignore the bullet of someone using their right to handle a gun.

I understand your desire to potentially protect yourself from our government, but in reality how would that look? How would you with a gun stand up to our modern military? And at what cost is your symbolic defiance of our government? How many thousands of people are killed by guns each year?

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Please tell me the last time someone's free speech accidentally or purposely killed a person?

Maybe gun ownership showed be viewed as a privilege and not a right. One needs to prove they are responsible enough to own a gun. This would also answer your comment above regarding how many car accidents are "near hits."