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Will you be covering the horserace aspects of the pregnancy?
Are there baby pundits?
Is it too early to announce for 2040?

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I'm a bit confused.
Ed Fitzgerald was found in a suburban parking lot, fully clothed, with some Irish exchange student of the female persuasion at 4 am and, when asked to provide id, produced a temporary driver's license because his very busy schedule precluded his obtaining a fully legit license (which is golden, they just don't give it away) for a decade, thereby causing democratic support to run to the (Hocking) hills and result in 30-point poll differentials,
and Wonkette wants to write TWO posts about John Kasich's body language?
You have lost your way.

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regarding your contention that
"Lady? You are making America worse."

I believe that those in full Viking regalia are impervious to criticism.

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If O.H. Joe had done this, you know he would have grinned and playfully punched the upper arm of the grandma standing next to him.

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Homeless dudes, the scourge of Indy.
Next post, Shabazz will tell us why the White River is just like the Ganges.

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As long as we're complaining about ad content,
may I state, for the record, that my interest in "Bush's Grilling Beans" has waned.

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[sob, wimper, etc]


[clandestine Clintonian threat]

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To be fair, the press is askin' a gotcha question to a man who's hardly had time to set a spell on the front porch, a-rockin' and a-thinkin', and who's been campaigning so hard that he's forgotten it was Seersucker Thursday.

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He forgot to mention the equally rational option of self-surgery.
"hey, ma, where's the suture tray?"

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I have the same story, except it was childbirth, and it wasn't my childbirthing, it was my sister's, but then they served champagne (a boy, as I recall) *on an empty stomach*.
So pot-ingesting and life milestones, both vomit-inducing.
Stay far away.