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Who in d blue hell is Daniel Bryan?

It doesn't matter who Daniel Bryan is...!!!

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Kane and Khali needs to be added to that match.

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Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Erick Rowan and Luke Harper VS The Undertaker, Kane, The Big Show and Mark Henry.

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So, after having CM Punk dropped the WHC title to The Rock and The Rock dropping it to John Cena in a Wrestlemania main event, we now witness how the WHC title has fallen. What's the point of using The Rock to bring back the prestige to the WHC title only to see it dropped below the IC title some 24 months later? Simply mind-boggling.

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What's best now is to have Rollins defend his title against Orton, Cena, Bryan, Ziggler and Ambrose. Then, in a 6 man, HIAC match, MITB winner Bray Wyatt sneaks up pins one of the for the title and then keeps the belt til WM32. Rusev will win RR 2016 in controversial circumstances when Reigns is pulled from under the ropes by Kane and Big Show and dismantled back stage. At Fastlane, both Rusev and Reigns fights to a double-count out, when Brock came in and F5 both competitors making the main event for WM32 a fatal 4 way between Wyatt, Rusev, Reigns and Lesnar.

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I second your explanation. Paul Walker's passing already forced the story to be re-written and a number of scenes to be re-shot. This not to mention The Rock getting injured at WM30 (against Cena) and also forced his Hercules production pushed back. This is the same scenario as the late Heath Ledger for Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. Both (the late) Ledger and Aaron Eckhart (2 face) signed for 2 movies, at the end, Nolan had to re-write the story. A lot of what might have been questions, but always respect the departed.

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i thought Finn Balor and Adrian Neville should also be in there instead of Corporate Kane and Corporate Big Show. Makes very little sense having the two veterans in that battle royale.

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Dear Tito, I can't agree more with what you said. But I will disagree on Reigns even becoming champion at SS2015. It's still way, way too early. Had Bryan won Royal Rumble 2015, it was an opportunity for Bryan V Lesnar (and the opportunistic Rollins to cash in). That will set up a Bryan V Lesnar V Rollins and probably will have Cena, Orton and (yes) Ziggler in the mix throughout the year. Also, at Royal Rumble 2015, i wanted Rusev to eliminate Reigns as a revenge against The Rock (for knocking out Rusev in an earlier RAW). This would have led to a Rusev-Reigns feud for at least the whole of 2015. I believe their size and stamina would allow us to witness a variety of matches between the pair as well as allowing both to elevate themselves to another level.

Then Come MITB 2015 with Bray Wyatt winning and probably cashing in his briefcase at Survivor Series. This would allow Wyatt to defend his title continuously until WM32. Come Royal Rumble 2016, both Reigns and Rusev are the last 2 and both eliminate each other. This allows a Triple-Threat match at WM32 for the WWE title. Now, won't something like that elevate Reigns, Rusev and Wyatt to another level?
Won't that allow the WWE to assess the need for part timers like The Rock and Brock Lesnar? Won't that make WWE officials realize there is more than Cena, Orton, Bryan and the authority running the show? Won't that give WWE creative the chance to also elevate Ambrose, Harper, Rowan, Cesaro, Stardust, and Ziggler (again)?

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Engineer smurf is way too costly. I reckon the hut should be at 25 SB while each train station at 10 SB and each train at 5 SB. It is madness that to complete Homnibus Tome for Engineer smurf cost 85 SB (30+15+15+15+10) SB on top of that only receiving a paltry additional 2 Wood and 4 Stones every 24 hours.

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To be honest, Daniel Bryan should have won Royal Rumble and earn his ticket to face Brock Lesnar at WM. Bryan and Lesnar battles to a stalemate, only for Rollins to cash in and be the new WWE Champion. From there, Rollins will defend his title against Bryan, Cena, and Orton. Rollins will be champion until Survivor Series, where a fatal 4 way match takes place between Rollins, Bryan, Cena and Orton. Rollins wins the match, only for MITB 2015 winner Bray Wyatt to come out and take the title from him. Bray now defends his title against Rollins, Cena, Orton and Bryan until WM32 where he could face.................

As for Roman Reigns, he should have been eliminated at Royal Rumble by Rusev to set up a feud between the pair. Reigns could slowly build his babyface personality while Rusev can continue to build on his impressive heel personality. Both Reigns and Rusev have the size and stamina for a variety of matches in their feud. Last Man Standing, TLC, 3 stages of hell, hell in a cell matches...etc all come to mind. This would make the US title even more prestigious (than b4), not to mention giving both Reigns and Rusev an extra year to continue to win over more WWE fans b4 WM32. Rusev and Reigns will be the final 2 at Royal Rumble 2016 and both eliminate each other. And when both ended in a stalemate to determine the no. 1 contender, both will be handed the chance to face Bray Wyatt in a triple threat match at WM32.

A plan like this would elevate Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns and Rusev to another level. But it takes another year, it takes the whole of 2015 to build themselves up. in 2016, WWE will now have more than just Cena, Orton, Bryan and The Authority to carry the show.