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The mandatory troop choice that you have to take from the allied detachment?

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On the other hand, Meph gets to pick out your Fist and kill him, instead of having to grind through the whole squad first.

Its a double edged sword, in a way. You trade getting to kill more members of the squad for getting to kill the one member of the squad who can actually hurt you. It makes models like Cron Overlords w/ 2+ save, for example, a lot more dangerous, as they can charge alone into a marine squad w/ PF sarge, challenge him, kill him off, then grind down the squad without being in any real danger, as opposed to killing off some random chumps then have the Fist smack wounds off you.

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Allies! These are great, let you plug holes in your main codex, and bring a whole new dimension to list building. They also let you think up funny combos, such as this: http://www.dakkadakka.com/dakkaforum/posts/list/4...

New wound allocation and shooting rules in general. These made model placement FAR more important, and skilled players can really utilize these rules to their advantage, as opposed to 5th ed where it was far less important and being able to roll saves well was the best skill.


Random charge range. More randomness is not good, especially for something that really should be fixed. I hate the CC rules in general too, as they take up way too much time and the end result is the same as in 5th, guys smacking each other around. Different initiative step pile ins, shittily written rules (does my PF guy pile in at i4 or i1?) and stupid allocation+LoS means that if you want to fight any sort of sizeable combat with 3-4 different initiative steps, it'll take an hour.

Challenges are a nice touch though, and serve to buff single beater models quite well.

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Good article.

This works particularly well with Scarabs. Hit a vehicle line, stick a couple bases in combat with a random squad, profit.

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The Spyders made me LOLOLOL. Small flying bases? Really GW? So my Spyders now take up even less space than my Scarabs? All right... :D

The Wraiths are good, perfecti size to give cover saves to Spyders, the old ones were a bit too skinny :P

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Play Necrons! They beat face ridiculously well, Scarabswarm Crons WILL beat most any Mech army you care to throw at them (apart from GK, but then everyone loses to GK, so whatevs :P)

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Of course, because the BA player will never recognize the fact that you're willing to sacrifice a single squad to kill Mephiston, and will blindly take the bait and sacrifice him for little gain.

I mean, the BA player would NEVER think of, you know, playing Meph alongside his army in such a fashion so that whenever he kills a unit he'll be able to consolidate behind a [insert any unit.] to prevent him from being charged and to give him cover. And he'd probably never think of charging a 5 man marine squad, using Preferred enemy to reroll his SUCCESSFUL hits to hit only hit ~4.666 times and kill 3-4 marines, then stay locked in CC so you can't shoot him, then finish the last 1-2 marines in your turn and go massacre another unit.

Nah, they'd never do that.

The logic that "yeah, but that [insert unit] sucks because I'll just bait them into the open and shoot them away" is inherently flawed, because it assumes that you're opponent will make a mistake, which you can NEVER do in a game if you want to be a good player. Don't get me wrong, baiting your opponent to try and get him to move units into unfavourable positions is a good move, and good baiting maneuvers are one of the marks of a good player, but always assuming that your opponent will take the bait is not.

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The problem is GK will be able to just shoot the Corn Dogs and herald off the table before they even get into combat. GK will get a turn of shooting at them when you drop, then most likely another turn if necessary by using V formation razors to block you from assaulting. 18 t4 guys with a 4++ (assuming cover) and six 3+ wounds isn't hard to kill for GK.

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I've personally found that in my Scarabswarm Footcrons list the Destroyer Lord+Wraith combo is invaluable. They beat up those annoying CC units that will otherwise roll your Scarabs/Spyders (THSS) and are great at killing units that pop out of tanks your Scarabs break. IMO the 2+ save is essential for the Lord if running him with Wraiths, as it lets him catch missiles for them far more effectively (takes as many missiles to kill him as it does to kill the whole Wraith squad :P)

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I've been using Imotekh in a full foot Scarabswarm list, and its performed REALLY well so far. Over about ~10 games against SW, BA, IG, CSM, C: SM and Eldar, I drew one game, and won the rest, 6 of them by 17-3 or better results (playing ETC scenarios, so max 20pts per mission). It doesn't really have many bad matchups either (GK and Daemons).