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We must be sure to follow the breadcrumbs that were left for us. Need to get a whistle from the whistle factory. Obama must be vetted unlike in the last election. Andrew will be sorely missed.

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You were one of the GOOD GUYS,a "TRUE PATRIOT"..... Such a loss....You will be greatly missed. May you rest in Peace.

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Love it & want more of it. Thankyou for leading by example.

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I am currently reading "The Concience of a Conservative". It is an easy but GOOD READ. Anyone who has not yet read this could benefit from doing so.

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I couldn't agree more. This was the 1st time I have been to the theater since a Glenn Beck simultaneous broadcast & probably won't go again until next April when the 2nd Atlas Installment comes out. I have no desire to watch anything put out by or w/ a cast consisting of "COMMON SENSELESS ELITIST IDEALOGUES" who are far too removed from mainstream America.

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Saw the movie Saturday & thought it was great. Currently reading the book & loving it. Two thumbs up to both. Can't wait for the next installment! The movie is a must see & the book a must read. To H--L w/ the folks from LaLa Land. I think if they were giving this a ringing endorsement then I would be questioning the necessity to see it. To any w/ their eyes wide open, GO SEE THE MOVIE.

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Stand tall & hold your head high Sarah. We know you're standing on the right side of history & I'm sure there will be many there today standing w/ you. Be strong & stay safe.

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I love the fact that the lefties who are expert at rigging elections were stopped in their tracks by the false reporting that they had the lead. Had they known the actual count sooner then they would have put the machine in overdrive to tip the scales.

They are so far removed from reality, instead they remain in a delusional state. When will they come to their senses and realize that the people spoke in November & their desires were LOUD & CLEAR ENOUGH ALREADY OF THE STATUS QUO!? Time for a reset button.

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I agree. Back when Clinton implemented that program Welfare to work or whatever it was called, they took a lot of those Entitlement takers from the welfare rolls & transferred them to the Disability Division by classifying them w/ having mental disorders or Depression. In addition to those w/ " Mental Disorders" they also award compensation through disability to drug addicts & alcoholics! Enough is Enough! Time to stop the gravy train. Too many people getting undeserved compensation, time to get them off their lazy butts & make them earn their own way!

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I absolutely agree. I think we should have the option to "Opt Out". I have a hard time digesting the comparison of SSI benefits to other entitlements because we have been forced to pay into this system, They have been taken money out of our hard earned pay & not asking for our consent.
They have been raiding the piggy bank for far too long like some type of candy drug for addicts. I also feel that the only ones who should be able to collect any SSI benefits should be those who have contributed their own money. If you never put in then you shouldn't get any out. Couple that w/ the disability benefits that have been given to drug addicts through siphening & there is a real recipe for disaster.
GWB tried to address this problem in second term but no one wanted to listen.