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I'm not sure what her condition is at this time, but doctors are not always right and people often pull through regardless of their opinions. I pray that the true god Yahweh watch over her and give her strengh to prevail over her illness.

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All it took for me who used to be one of those "why can't we all just get along' types was not even 9/11 but when the muslims went apeshit over the motoons. I just couldn't understand why such innocuous cartoons could cause such a brouhaha that I had to research it deeper and that's what led me to this site and I have learned a lot since then. Anyone with a drop of common sense, IMO anyway, would see after all this that islam is no "religion". islam is one of, if not the, most biggest fraud perpetrated on mankind's history.

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What the hell is it with turkish hackers? Just last week, RS said JW was down because of Turkish hackers. My daughter said they are always screwing around with facebook and myspace and other sites for meeting people and my husband who works for a computer company said the same thing. Dumb losers need to get a freakin' job and a freakin' life and leave decent people like Geert Wilders alone and stop preying on little girls, damn pedophiles, oops forgot they are just following the example of their perfect man mo. idiots

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The definition of crazy is "having the highest respect for the religion of islam" cuz Irwin, dude, they sure don't have any respect for yours, in fact they'd like to cut off your head first chance they could. You'd best believe it. Laura Cohen gets it, why can't you?

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I agree with you my esteemed friend Wellington when you say islam must become so discredited it becomes a marginally barely existent "religion" (I wouldn't even bestow it that status) some one or two centuries from now, almost universally perceived as one of the greatest errors in mankind's history, with a small exception. It should never have happened at all or at least never lasted nearly as long as it did; why it did confounds me to this very day.

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Gazans are like Saran wrap to the terrorists' cause, so handy.

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People do not want to hear the truth or be confronted with evidence that destroys their far left moonbat ideology. Knowing the truth means one has to take action and the thought of that scares the sh*t out of them. They will cover their ears and go "la, la, la, la" or call you a racist or bigot. They will have to be confronted with it soon enough no matter how much sand is in their ears.

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I absolutely can't stand watching him on tv, so loathsome I find him. He disgusts and nauseates me. How could this clown ever have become POTUS it's mind-boggling.

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Never give a g*damn dollar to any of these islamic basket case countries. There are so many truly needy people, eg foster children, seniors, the disabled right here at home. We should be spending money to help our own. They are not in the least grateful for any aid from infidel countries anyway, in fact they expect it, it's allah's way. (spit)

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Sorry my whole comment got deleted. What's wrong with freaking comments?