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In Utah their was a raid by the BLM. These BLM agents were 150 strong, carrying automatic weapons basically suited up as well as any military unit. Yes the BLM. The Criminals that they raided were about 25 people who have no criminal background have been law abiding citizens. Their one crime was picking up pottery in the desert and not giving it to the government. they broke into their homes with warrants raided their belongings at gun point, locked them up in shackles, not handcuffs. The Sheriff of the county was not even informed that this was going on, he is looking to see if he can come after the government for anything. These people were none hostile a lot were elderly who would have complied in any way if they were just asked .

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Looks they they moved it again nothing is there.

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Here is a thought that I had today. What if we started at a city level, meet with our mayors and asked them to conduct a poll. On this poll we ask the peoples stances on healthcare reform, tarp, earmarks, Czars, etc. and see where the people stand. then at that point we send a copy of each States findings to the Representatives and Senators, and also the Countries findings to Obama, Pelosi, and Reed. We send a copy to all media, and then to Fox so it actually gets shown. All it would take is one person in every city or town to petition to the mayor, they have the means to have this go throughout the city by sending city workers, heck even the city council and mayor, it may help their election by showing that they actually care what we think. So what do you say? Is their anyone out there that will join me in starting this grassroots movement?

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Has anyone else had their power company come by your house wanting to install a device that will regulate and control your thermostat? They came by mine last night saying its free and you'll get a tax credit and its wonderful, it will only raise a couple of degrees a couple days out of the year. As they gave their spill all I could think about was cap and trade and here is how they will monitor the temperature level in my house. I of course told them to get lost.

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So is he now working for the government to get more benefits, or the people? I don't get why government workers who already have all the "perks" and "extras" and are now getting paid more than me with my tax dollars should also get perks or in this case loans that we the people paying their wages are not able to get.

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Has any reporter looked into the Fact that Obama stated that he had traveled to Pakistan in 1981, yet in 1981 Pakistan was on the "No Travel" list so no American could go to there. I would like to see a report on if this is true that he was there that year I believe he said sometime around July of that year is what he said. I would be interest to know what passport he was using if he did indeed travel to Pakistan. It would either have to be British (Kenya) or Indonesia and he relinquished his citizenship when he was adopted by his Step Father.

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Is their anyone out there that can run for President on Common Sense Values, that can cut all the programs that the Federal Government is funding so that we can pay off our debt. That goes to the people and asks them how much do you want to pay your employees, the Senators, and Representatives especially in times of hardship. That will cut back just like I have to in my Company when times are tuff. I don't want to layoff people or cut their hours, but I must to survive. Who out their will come forward with these values and lead us to be great again? I would but I am not rich I can not afford campaigns, plus I am a Mormon, and we all know that a Mormon can never be President. What about you why can't you? probably for similar reasons. We have allowed the two Party System destroy our opportunity. The Common man is lost. He has no chance, no hope, though he is who America needs to bring her back to her greatness.

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What an incredible letter. we need to send this to every congressman, senator, we need to overwhelm the President with it, take it personalize it and send it to them!! also let our friends know about this, set up a link in your facebook, or twitter it! by the way Glenn's Twitters are pretty interesting! LOL. The great thing is that party lines are falling, and we are starting to come together to protect our country. The Constitution will prevail and we will stand up together as Americans and fight Fascism that our leaders are leading us towards.

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SO I would hope that if anyone in that complex had a gay rights sticker, or an acorn sticker, or a save water sticker that they would have to take that off, because that too would all be an Advertisement. Heck you better take the emblem off the car as well because that is promoting one brand over another!

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I never did understand why people pay an HOA to tell them what they can't do