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Theresa May is a Remain backer who has become the personification of the Sulky Remainer, grudgingly implementing a Referendum result that she despises.

She should never have accepted the leadership role knowing that she would spend years working against her own beliefs.

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A No Deal Brexit is actually a good option for the economy. According to the Bank of England's own figures it will lead to higher GDP per Head growth after 2020.

What is shocking is that our Remainer Parliament is taking this, best option off the table!

If you want more information on no deal you will not find much because the media have resolutely suppressed it but there is an excellent analysis if you search for "Bank of England gives Green Light to WTO Brexit Scenario"

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As TaxedtoDeath says, this is dealt with in the next paragraph. The Bank of England figures show that a no-deal, no transition Brexit is likely to be the best option in terms of long term productivity and wage growth.

It is just astonishing that journalists have been taken in by such a simple statistical trick as the Bank and Treasury used. I worry that they might be biased.

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It is hilarious that the Bank and Treasury has managed to fool all these MPs and advisors by the simple device of quoting GDP in terms of National total GDP rather than GDP per head. Brexit is being relinquished as a result of a simple statistical trick that makes "No-Deal" and WTO Brexit options look catastrophic!


To see the GDP per head analysis search for: "Bank of England gives Green Light to WTO Brexit" pol-check

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The Bank and Treasury spun the figures for WTO and no-deal Brexits. The analysis should have used GDP per head because both WTO and no-deal scenarios assumed that population growth would slow as migration fell dramatically.

The GDP per head for the scenario of WTO Brexit with a 21 month transition was almost the same as the Bank figures for Remaining in the EU yet was decried by the Bank as a catastrophe because national GDP rose less (as it would if population did not grow but, of course, none of us would be any poorer individually).

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What has held us back most of all is the government and media stance on a WTO or no-deal brexit and the unnecessary backstop. Consider these facts:

The Good Friday Agreement says almost nothing about trade or frictionless borders. The need for frictionless borders is an entirely new concession given by HM Government in the 2017 negotiations.

A WTO brexit with a transition period will not leave British people poorer. The Bank of England and Treasury have assumed it will reduce the population as migration is reduced and confused this with a reduction in GDP. GDP per head stays the same.

A "no-deal" Brexit will leave us poorer for a year but growth in GDP per head will rise by c.50% thereafter. Again the Treasury and Bank have confused falling population growth with falling GDP.

Given that there is nothing to fear from the Good Friday Agreement or a WTO Brexit or No-Deal Brexit the government is free at any time to tell the EU that either it signs up to MRAs and plans for post-Brexit trade now or it allows the EU and UK to suffer unnecessarily until these things are completed later.

There is an article online that gives the GDP per head analysis that you can access by searching Google, leaving in the quotes, for: "Bank of England gives Green Light to WTO Brexit" pol-check