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YES - Let's have that discussion.

DREAM Act - We welcome immigration, when they come through the front door. It is totally unfair to the immigrants that are doing it the right way, to grant privileges and opportunities to those that have circumvented the system. How can you expect to contribute to a society whose laws you have ignored from the outset?

Repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell - Wouldn't that mean that we go back to excluding all homosexuals from military service, whether they admit it or ask them? What has really happened is that we have opened the doors of military service to anyone that openly professes homosexuality, sodomy, or bestiality.

Health Care Freedom Act - Another lie. We had 'Health Care Freedom'. Now we have Insurance Mandates. In addition, we have increased bureaucracy and increased insurance coverage mandates, which leads to increased costs and decreased levels of service. Look into "Cash Only" doctor services and you will see why Health Maintenance plans increase overall costs and decrease care. Hillary started us on the road with HMOs and Obama/Pelosi finished it off.

Get the facts. I'll be happy to have your "discussion" any day of the week.

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2009 was the year of the Women.

Sarah Palin
Michelle Bachman
Hannah Giles

The old order is overthrown. We shall never forget.

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Only the threat of RICO, spurred by the American People, could get this group to take today's action.


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"Okay, I don’t really get the Saul Alinsky reference, but the rest of it makes sense"

What kind of worthless journalist says this? If you don't get it, RESEARCH it. Oh yeah. Modern "journalists" are free to simply bash against any person or idea that they don't understand or agree with.

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Last Year, Obama had ACORN to help him win the election. What trick does he have up his sleeve this year?

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We agree. The system would be damaged by an OVERHAUL.

Allow the people more freedom to affect the system and remove the power of the lawyers and politicians. Installing the socialist policies that have proven to be failures in every instance where they have been tried is just ignorant.

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A lot can happen to a personal birth certificate in 47 years. The newspaper, however, was microfilmed and placed in the public record. The paper clearly shows a Barack Hussein Obama born in Hawaii. Either he scoured the country to find a matching name and date, or he is right.

While I don't trust BHO on many things, I don't think this Birth Certificate controversy is the smoking gun that will undo his Presidency. I will be using my energy to uncover the corruption that is evident in his rise to power and his current administration.

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The broken link should point here:


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I was so happy to FINALLY hear Glenn say, "No version of Health Care can pass". The existing system is what has grown from the desires of Americans and Businesses, coupled with oversight and regulation. Do we really want to throw it out the window for a Government designed and powered system?


No version of Health Care overhaul can be negotiated or compromised to something better than our current system. There are ideas for changes that make sense, but they are far from an overhaul or grand reworking of the system.

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We need to be careful with a Federal law allowing Concealed Carry across State lines. This administration could use such a law as another stick to counteract the legislation in Montana, Tennessee, and Utah; where they are seeking to allow guns produced, sold, and retained in their state to be exempt from Federal gun laws.