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This is, by far, one of your best articles. The feminization of the Church may explain the results of the Barna survey of evangelical pastors in 2014 that said 90% believed that the Bible addresses all areas of life, but only 10% of that 90% said they were preaching along those lines. It also explains why most pastors won't touch imprecatory prayer with a ten foot pole.

I’m curious, does anyone here attend a church that teaches about and conducts imprecatory prayers? Seems too many ignore this, unfortunately. Here’s one I pray at home for those in authority.

“Lord, we pray you would raise up bold men of your Word, whose only fear is You, who will teach, preach, and implement the full council of your Word for every area of life. Remove all the hirelings, we pray, and revive the Black Regiment, not just in the pulpits, but in all spheres, including lesser magistrates, who will resist tyranny wherever it appears. For those you have raised up, give wisdom, strength, courage, and protection from on high. Wherever they are sincerely in error, send wise counsel to redirect and establish them as the legitimate authority You have raised up.
For those who do not follow Your Law, who support the slaughter of the unborn, sexual and moral rebellion, dishonest scales, theft by majority vote, false religion, Occultism, Secular Humanism, Statism, undeclared, unconstitutional, endless warfare without a clearly defined objective for victory, and all manner of tyranny and corruption and whose private lives don’t match their public persona, convict them of sin, righteousness, and judgement. Bring them to repentance, but if they refuse to repent and their hearts are hardened, then remove them as You see fit from their positions of authority and raise up Your people in their place who will obey You, even to the point of completely removing and replacing the institutions with a more Biblical alternative.
We lift up to You those around the world suffering for Your Name in China, North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cuba, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Pakistan, and all other Muslim and Communist territory and anywhere else that’s hostile to the Gospel, give them strength and courage to advance the Gospel in spite of the severe persecution. In Thy sovereign mercy Lord, we pray You would smite all vile, oppressive rulers who hate You and refuse to kiss the Son. Smite them unto repentance, or smite them unto removal as You see fit, and raise up Your Church in their place that the world would know without any doubt that You are King of all kings and Lord of all lords. We ask this for Your honor and glory, in Jesus’ Name, Amen!”

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Most of the church across the land agrees we need to repent, but disagrees on the "What?" and the "How?".

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"so much of what he has to say does conform perfectly well with the Word of God and he is often making biblically sound observations "

If only more pulpits had similar depth and substance.

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Pastors need to repent of not preaching the full counsel of God's Word for every part of life and culture, while congregations need to repent of wanting their itchy little eardrums tickled every Sunday morning with skim milk preaching.

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political "realm"

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Awesome! Just one typo: "I a proper Biblical context,". " In"?

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"what has God one?" Should it be " done"?

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This is all the result of pastors not preaching the full counsel of God's Word for many decades, including this Biblical doctrine.

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Jar Jar Abrams is doing the same with Star Trek, as well.

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Strike 2, Jar Jar Abrams.