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The problem is that the "children of color"'s parents are "parents of color" and nothing, NOTHING can be their fault. Ever. So it must be someone else's.

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I find it ironic that John Lewis, who became famous by doing exactly what the Tea Partiers are doing, that is, fighting for their rights against a corrupt government, is now famous for trying to shut those people up, just as corrupt political powers attempted to shut him up.

We learned the lessons you taught us well, Mr. Lewis. It's a shame that you forgot them so quickly.

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The Washington State's Attorney Frikin' General believes that it's unconstitutional and intends to challenge it in court. What? They couldn't find his number?

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I knew some people in college who believed in "Christian Perfection" or "Entire Sanctification." This was the belief that they had become so like God that they were incapable of sinning.

Of course, what this foolishness led to in real life is that they believed that anything they did, by virtue of their unique position of being utterly virtuous, was good and right and holy. They were some of the most thoughtless, mean and evil people I have ever met.

What I saw in them I see in many hard-core leftists. Holding the proper set of beliefs make them holy, therefore anything they do is holy, no matter how wicked.

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"Did you read the article?"

Wait...I can answer that one. No.

This is what the left does, create an attack out of thin air and then use it whenever the person is mentioned.

"O...O'Keefe, he's just a racist." or "James O'Keefe, accused racist...."

It's the rhetorical equivalent of them sticking their fingers in their ears and going "na.na.na.na.na! I can't hear you!"

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This is what the left does. Someone creates a meme out of thin air, they source each other until the meme becomes a commonly held belief, then they use it to reinforce their stereotypes against and to attack Conservatives and dismiss their ideas.

It was like the whole "Bush is stupid" thing. They kept saying it until no one argued with it anymore, until it became part of the public consciousness.

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Explains perfectly why the media was obsessed about finding leaders for the conservative movement a few months ago. The left had no one to concentrate their ire upon.

When they couldn't find anyone they began assigning leaders and representatives and attacking them. First Rush, then Tea Party Participants, now Town Hall-goers.

It doesn't even matter to the press if the people are actually Republicans. The MSM isn't looking for the truth, they're looking for a target.

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This is happening. It's just not called "Deal or Die" it's called "England."

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Al Gore - media whore.

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Hey, Squeaky was kinda cute (in a wasted, brainwashed zombie kinda way).

She's getting out in a week. I wonder which "mob" she'll be shooting at.