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I agree.

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This story is what made me buy the games. and while I'm loving the story, the games bore me. I have been playing the third one since October, and I can't just get into it as much it is highly praised (my busy schedule prevents me), but as with previous years, I made the resolution of trying to beat every game I did not beat last year, and the previous years.

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It just so happens that I have school that entire week T_T. On the bright side, I will be graduating a few weeks after that.

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I'm sorry. I lived in New York my entire life, but never bought anything from one of those carts. I do, however have to get me one of those shirts.

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Tried it at PonyconNYC this year, it was great. I have no idea why I didn't try it out again at Bronycon, but I can't wait to check it out again come Ponycon 2016.

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I got FO:E, the comic books, and a ton of shows I would like to start watching, plus shows I need to catch up on. And Call of Duty. Can't forget about that.

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If you can see it.

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I'm trying to wrap my head around how more people saw part 2 over part 1? It's not that weird now that I think about it, but still.

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*2 new messages*
MyEmail@yahoo.com(not my actual email)

*reads to self* "Ponycon NYC : Ashleigh Ball at Ponycon!"
*Shouts "OH MY GOD!" and goes silent for the next 5 minutes.*

That is my exact reaction. Haven't seen her in New York since she was at the World Premiere of her Documentary A Brony Tale at the Tribecca Film Festival back in April of 2014.

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I'm glad I chose other. I'm also upset that Flim and Flam had a future, but Trixie didn't. Trixie was more of a threat to Equestria than those two were.