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Sys admin, thank you for revoking my comment priviledges. Your capricious action encourage me to move on to other sites and sources of information. Cheers!!

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Hello! Is anyone surprised? This bill is junk legislation and Mr Obama is apprarently scared and shameless. His crown jewel is going down in flames. It won't do what he claims it will do, it won't operate the way he says it will, it will cost much more than Obama claims because no one knows what it wil really cost. This thing stinks to high heaven and should be flushed. The government is doing a terrible job with its current responsibilities and Mr Obama wants to take on more? How sick is that? I can't wait to hear the misinformation and marketing hype Mr Obama spins about his pet project, a real ugly baby he's in love with. If he were wise he would zip his lip and let his crew work the issues without him meddling. It's sad, he's his own worst enemy.

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Jeez, why don't we just pay off the hijackers and suicide bombers. Where do these stupid ideas come from? Hey Washington, get a clue, you can't solve every problem by throwing money at it. In this case it would be throwing tax money away because the poppy growers would figure out how to keep on producing or how to ignore their 'responsibilities'. These probably aren't honorable people.

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No doubt in your mind it's killing the country but many would disagree. I agree we need to control health care costs but I don't agree with all your talking points and I don't agree this is the way to do it. Let the free markets work it out and let the government have an oversight role. Maybe they won't blow it but I'm not confident. Unfortunately the larger government gets the more ineffective and inefficient it becomes. Look at California. Medicare fraud is already a billion dollar scandal. Obama's rush to get this done betrays his hidden agenda and disrespect for taxpayer labor. If I can find a job that provides healthcare, and believe me I'm an average guy, no high paid executive like Obama, then I think most folks can solve this problem for themselves. People aren't incompetent. Given the incentive they can care for themselves. This takes away the incentive.

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President Obama is just too tricksy for my taste. He has so far shown a lawyer's approach to what 'is' is. Or possibly it's taqiyya in plain view. At any rate, this wheeling and dealing behind closed doors is nothing more than marketing smoke and mirrors. I have never seen the government report accurately how bad a bad thing is or how good a good thing is. The country deserves an opportunity to look closely at and debate this proposal, not some pie in the sky marketing plan with none of the specificis nailed down. Obama needs to get respectful of the American taxpaying citizen. We all deserve better.

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BRAVO!! They're all spies anyway and with a regime like Chavez's behind them they're probably up to mischief. Toss em out for the good of Honduras.

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What's the rush, right? Put this beast in a cage and let it wait. There's too much lust in the air. This 'plan', this concept is too important to the US to rush. It needs to see the light of day where congressmen can talk to their constitutents, get polls out and back, and really question the true need for 'reforming' health care on the scale Obama says is necessary. I just don't believe it.

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And Obama thinks more money for more government managed heath care is a good idea? What dimension does he live in because this is just one of the numerous medicare frauds reported this year? California had a huge fraud, Detroit also, and Miami also called attention to itself for the same thing. Google medicare fraud 2009 and read all about it.

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The US really should quit interfering in the internal affairs of other countries. We wouldn't appreciate it if they did it to us. They're big boys and girls. They can figure out what's best for them without our meddling.

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What's good for the Goose is good for the Gander. This is just a formality, same-o same-o status quo, nobody means anything by it.