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Nothing to see here. A combination of a victory "bounce", plus some ++ name recognition thanks to a very expensive campaign. Also doesn't hurt that Specter's attacks didn't come close to sticking (couldn't go after him ideologically in a Dem primary). All the while, Toomey's hoarding his resources, and will pounce in due time.

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Corbett going negative on Rohrer is certainly fair. The state party doing so however is franky sickening. It's highly questionable at all whether they should be involved at all in this primary (as opposed to culling their resources for an assault on Mr. Beer Tax), but if they insist on casting their lot with Corbett, it should be a positive campaign. Shame on RG.

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Let's see: One candidate signed a no-tax hike pledge, supports the 2nd ammendment, and correctly attacked the laughable constitutionality of Obamacare. The other is noted for his institution of a drink tax, embraces Obama care, has a hideous economic record in Allegheny County, and is the obvious appointed successor to Governor Blowhard. I have certanly have issues with Corbett and I've decided to vote for Rohrer because I don't like Corbett's economic plan, and I find Sam's candor and honestly, particularly with regards to the upcoming pension bomb, rare and refreshing. But, I'll gladly vote for Corbett over Beer Tax Dan in the general if it comes to that, and calling them the same is ridiculous hyperbole.

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In fairness, it was at the bottom of the front page (as all of the profiles have been).

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Noticed the same thing in my travels as well (Montgomeryville/Lansdale/N Wales area). Rohrer has quite a bit of signs (not so much yards, but intersections, etc.) with just a few stray Corbett/Cawley signs here and there. Don't know if it means anything except that the Rohrer volunteers aren't lacking in effort. Good for them.....

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but...but...but, I thought the state-owned system was necessary to keep all of us from being drunks! :)

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LOL.....same thing happening to me

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Still undecided here. If this district is ever going to turn it has to be this year, but still will be a tough road to hoe...........

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No fan of Sestak, but have that commercial that keeps running over, and over, and over is diabolically brilliant......."My change in party will enable me to be re-el-ec-ted"

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Another reason pointing to the lunacy of the state monopoly of the liquor busines..........this is a recording.....