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"The Spreader" -- This member of the infected would not only scratch you to deplete your health, but would actually cause said member of your team to become infected his/herself. Armed with a shotgun/assault rifle/ can see how this would up the stakes a bit.

This would of course require a new health-pack buff be added to heal said member of the team...without killing them or vise versa first.

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Batman never beat bane or croc in hand to hand combat guys...come on. He's got to out think his opponents. Plus...if you're getting shot...moving between gargoyles quickly will help you disappear from view....

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This will probably suck---but it will be on top of my GameFly Q when the time comes :)

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Gears of War: the one game that has ever been developed that you can spend hours upon hours in multiplayer, and honestly never get better.

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When you realize you've overslept and your final exam is starting, and you're not even out of the house yet...

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Typical EA..they've been talking about this for a long while. Just one more reason why I won't be buying this game...or any of they're games if at all possible.

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Oh come on guys--yeah it doesn't give you any gameplay, but it's a quick teaser. Maybe it's just me, but the clickity-clack and the anticipation of the elevator--i thought it was cool. I'm ready to see more, and I think thats the point.

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Sounds good! I'm really glad 360sync is around--it is the most comfortable 360 community site I have ever been a part of--now exclusively, due to the fact that it is the ONLY community site I belong to. As a matter of fact, I'm sporting my 360sync PAX tee right now at work, and have been sporting it on campus today, maybe it will get us some new blood! :)

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My gaming resolution is to finish my RPG's to a more full percentage....mass effect, gta4, fallout 3.

My non-gaming resolution is to get back into working out everyday, and lose this holiday poundage.