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Leftist essays on the absurdity of "defense budgets" are always long on criticism and short on solution. This is no exception. In fact, these diatribes are worse than useless. They reaffirm the status quo as a "fact on the ground," an unmovable reality. They perpetuate the myth that "freedom of speech" is as robust as ever.

The "defense dollar" argument moves no one to act. Amerika's culture of militarism is radical, wide, deep, permeating all political parties, politicians, governing institutions. It creates all incentives. It displaces or co-opts all other "values." It is not merely "part" of who we are as Amerikans. It is our essence.

I dare anyone to drive through any town or city in the country and NOT see a "war memorial."

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China as enemy -- In the Warfare State, "enemies " are not a zero sum game. The Zionist policy establishment grows stronger, steals more and more with impunity, every time it adds a new enemy.

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Mike, Mike, Mike...dear me. Just say the magic three letters---"MMT"--and this all goes away.

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"The Joint Strike Fighter is a multiservice, multinational acquisition to develop and field the next-generation strike fighter aircraft for the Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and international partners. However, the DoD did not account for and manage Joint Strike Fighter Program property, or record the property on its financial statements. Additionally, the DoD is relying on contractor records to value the property associated with the Joint Strike Fighter Program. The contractor records indicate that the program contains over 3.45 million pieces of property valued at $2.1 billion."

Vlad Putin? Russian trolls farms? RT? Iranian propaganda? Maduro? China?

None of the above.

Independent Auditor's Report on the Department of Defense FY 2019 and FY 2018 Basic Financial Statements, Lorin T. Venable, Assistant Inspector General for Audit, Inspector General, Department of Defense (November 15, 2019)

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All those questioning the occurrence of or ADL-authorized statistics concerning the Holocaust on this message board -- remember: No anti-Semite is too small or insignificant to evade the wrath of the Museum of Tolerance.

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"Israel is not a Jewish state."

Yes, the Arabs actually hold the power there.

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The "anti-Semitism" hype of the past few weeks, preceding the US war crimes in Iraq, are no coincidence. The US Zionist "community" sought to fortify its protective cocoon from blame with foreknowledge of the US crimes and ensuing slaughter of Americans by a vengeful Iran.

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The "anti-Semitism" trope only attacks those who speak truth and facts about the Zionist Entity and international Jewry.

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Wow. Condition "aid" (i.e., free weapons systems) to Israel on its not committing war crimes.

If that is Amerika's idea of "progressive" politics, you are one sorry lot.

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PG is easily the most astute observer of Zionist corruption endemic in "our Democracy." But he is not a Johnny-one note. The Zionist elements in charge generally leave their servants in Washington free to make fools of themselves wherever and whenever the farce benefits the Jews and Zion. The Zionist is terrified of only two nation states on earth: Iran and Russia. The Zionist is quite happy as long as the "Russia stole our democracy" fairy tale stays in the news.