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On behalf of malignant toads everywhere, I resent Mr Giraldi's comparison with Shelly Adelson.

Btw, no pardon for Ed Snowden. But a nice big fat one for Aviem Sella, the Israeli skank who recruited Jonathan Pollard to steal US national defense secrets in the gravest breach of its kind in US history. Indicted for espionage. Fled to Israel. Never extradited--ha ha, because the US-Jewish State extradition treaty excludes cases of espionage!!!! An extradition treaty that doesn't cover spying...kind a tells you the US was already fully compromised. And that was almost 40 years ago.

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The election was fraudulent. Pretty much every election in the USA since at least 1960 was been fraudulent. Not in the ham-fisted, fake ballot or sham voter nonsense peddled by Trump and just as obtusely denounced as a "lie" by the Machine's media shills. The fraud is that we vote for "our representatives," a fraud perpetrated by a system owned and operated by a tiny elite, the real "constituency" of "our representatives."

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Words matter. I beseech the informed and critical thinking American goyim to get rid of this notion that the wealthy and powerful Jewish "lobbies" are the problem. The "lobbies" are symptom and instrument, nothing more. Post WW II, the Ashkenazim Zionist imperative has thoroughly and broadly pervaded Western society so much so that we now dwell in a culture of Jewish supremacy, where everything from politics to literature to media to education to social movements of almost every kind reek of "Jewish values"--the "First World" goy can not even be made to see that he must hate himself in order to have meaning in the Zionist zeitgeist.

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Ellsberg doesn't have any more insight into Trump's "plans" for Iran than anyone else. Trump himself doesn't have "plans" period--just impulses. And why did Ellsberg sit on his "doomsday" whistle for 50 years? Ellsberg, like Chomsky, is just another faux "progressive" hero of the dead liberal class, the opposite numbers to the equally incredible and moribund neocon boors on the "right". Time for all these lionized lickspittles for Israel to be swept from the stage.

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"Donald Trump also does not help either himself or the cause he represents"

What "cause," Mr. Giraldi? The only clear, unequivocal, and consistent "cause" for Trump has been the genocide of the Palestinian race. Everything else has been little more than mocking the establishment--of course, he's never had to mock them over Palestine or Iran, as the establishment is every bit a reflection of and and footmen for the greasy, grubby, insatiably greedy Zionist supremacists.

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Zion as the "third party"?

The Zionist-Military-Wall Street-Media synthetic organism is the ONLY PARTY.

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People continue to misjudge Trump as "The Problem." On the contrary, his entire term has been about making explicit, usually in grotesque, low-brow symbolic acts aimed at his "base," that which has been the practice and policy of the American State all along. The explicit "pardon" of Blackwater's convicted murderers is in substance NO DIFFERENT from the absolution, the moment they entered office, that Obama and Eric Holder announced for all of the Bush/Cheney era war criminals behind 'WMD," systemic torture of "detainees," massive criminal surveillance of 350 million Americans, etc etc.

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Three prescripts for Christmas:

Don't leave your house.

Don't use your computer.

Practice your "baaaaa-ing".

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In all the Russo-phobia in the media, there in only thing for certain.

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You can spot a phony "friend of Palestine" whenever you see the standard tropes about Arafat "never missing an opportunity" etc and Hamas eliciting Zionist overkill by letting a few bottle rockets and in the Jews' desert sands. So it is with Mullin.