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I know that this assessment is based solely on a trailer but... an atheist who sleeps with a another man's wife can hardly be called a "hero". Besides, don't forget that there are good and bad apples in any and every cross-section of humanity (based on gender, ethnicity, religion, education, sexual orientation, social status, you name it). It seems silly to get excited because a movie has an atheist as one of its main characters.

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Thank you for echoing my response to PZ's post. It seems like what PZ really should be doing is advocating his complete world view (of which, atheism is only a small part). Although, it could be argued that he is more completely defining his world view in the totality of his blog posts.

I suppose it is good that his posts on this subject have sparked a lot of conversation but PZ seemed to very passionately "HATE" atheists who refuse to define themselves beyond the dictionary. Those are strong words for someone who just may not want to elaborate on their lack of belief.

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Here in Chandler, AZ, the trick-or-treaters came on Sunday (not Saturday). Since the nearby city of Mesa has a large number of Mormons, I suspect they were "celebrating" on Saturday (if at all).

I was meaning to go to one of the local baptist "judgement" houses but didn't try very hard to find one. I would only want to go to one that put a lot of production value into their attempt of scaring people into accepting Jesus as their saviour.