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After hearing the BATFE requirements, I think it was also smart to make it longer than some might like, so they can legally make it as long as they like. As far as I'm concerned, I'd leave it full lenght, just to ease some of the noise of the supersonic loads.

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I'd say they've been doing that every since Vietnam with little results - but I must admit, the technology seems to be gelling that is greatly improved on the past. Now the fear is that the average trooper may suffer information overload, much like the graphical interfaces the Air Force has been experimenting with pilots all along.

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Ooo! I like the range and angle adjustment. I've needed this for my .50 cal for a long time! Seems like a good prices as well!

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Serfs is right if they actually get away with it.

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It is amazing the reduction in fatal auto accidents each year - the murder rate is going down about at the same rate. However people don't even think about the rate of death at the hands of incompetent doctors every year, which is simply staggering. Then their are the other leading causes of death.
1. Alcohol - 100,000 all related in 2005
2. Tobacco - around 450,000 each year.
3. Obesity - about 400,000 annually
4. In the 20th century world governments were directly responsible for over 250,000.000 of their own people - but we are supposed to get excited about 30,000 deaths by firearm, more than half of which are suicides - and give up our God given 2nd Amendment over people's stupidity. Plenty of stupid people abuse their freedom as seen by this list - but still no reason to dump the Constitution. Just helping the mental health issues may greatly reduce the suicide rate, at which even if a firearm were not available, would easily be accomplished with many other means.

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From what I see in the news, is poor police leadership, bad or non existent SOP, poor training, and bad tactics probably caused from all the the above. Then to compound the problem, bad PR and public trust issues because of lack of community policing, and other obvious policies to assure transparency and community communications and relations.

I've seen some scary videos on how fast a perp can take out a patrolman, so if they are focusing on that, the paranoia can be overwhelming - some of these police may even have PTS caused by their civilian job, or leftovers from the GWOT, or even both.

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Smart gun--stupid idea!

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Thanks chuck - I'd lay bets it is the same size and weight as my XDS. I love that .45 package from Springfield Armory! It would be interesting to see a specification comparison.

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Perhaps Desert boots are too cold?

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It isn't surprising that scumbags would glom onto any conflict or similar cause that has even a slight chance of being legitimate. I'm not surprised the farmers actually going to jail, want nothing to do with them.