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A 3D piece of crap is still a piece of crap. Only now you can actually "touch" the crap.

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Rap is just a form of music like everything else. And like any other musical genre, you can rap about anything. Its the crap content in gangsta rap that's the problem. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater just because gangsta rap ruined everything.

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That's true. The day before he died, Michael Jackson was a national punchline for pedophile jokes. Now that he's dead, he's suddenly an amazing talent that everybody loved and adored.

True hypocrites.

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Get lost troll.

We don't dance on people's graves around these here parts. Whitney Houston had a gift few other vocalists could match and it is a terrible tragedy that her life fell apart the way it did due to drug use and other bad decisions. I pray that she finds true peace with God in the next life.

RIP Whitney. You were an truly talented inspiration to so many aspiring vocalists, including myself.

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If they reboot the Batman franchise, I would love it if they did something similar to the Batman: Arkham Series of video games. I always disliked how alot of Batman's more "comic book" elements couldn't work right in the Nolanverse(Even if they were great Batman movies). I would have loved to see a Poison Ivy or a Mr. Freeze(ESPECIALLY MR. FREEZE) done RIGHT after the travesty that was Schumacher.

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I geeked out majorly when I found out that a co-creator of Bane, one of the most awesome Batman villians ever, was a outspoken conservative. =D

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Do leftists have ANYTHING that resembles memory? My GOD! For every nasty thing said about Obama, I can easily find TEN things worse that they've spewed about Bush. This hypocrisy is freakin infuriating. My college newspaper(read: liberal rag) crapped out the same feigned outrage.

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Love how you just cut off the rest of his sentence in order to make you pathetic attempt to paint him as a bigot. I noticed that you missed the part about him not caring what people do in the private lives as long as they don't force it on everyone else.

And gay kissing makes me gag as well. Hot Lesbian kissing on the other hand...XD

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Truly tragic. I wasn't an avid listener of her but from what I heard, she was very good at what she did. It is very sad that one of God's children has lost her life to the destruction of drug, drinking, and everything else. Where was her family? Did NO one truly care enough to step into her life and save her? Just terrible.

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Here's hoping he changes his voice from whatever the hell it was in the Dark Knight. I could not understand what he was saying and if you have to pause after every two words that you say, then you are doing something wrong.

Take some pointers from Kevin Conroy. Batman's voice personified.