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Girl, put as much distnce as u can from this guy! To be bipolar is one thing, but what youre writing about sounds like a caveman or a f@#ing asshole! There things calld MEDS to treat this things, u know? and if he gets over things in less than 10 mins is cus hes got no concience!!! To answer your question, do I think it the problem will get biger in time? HELL YEAH!!! it will NOT go away if he dosnt get help and meds. it will not go away if u stay there and let him practice wrestling with you!!!! He dosnt deserve u!!!! Go find a beter controlled guy!!! HURRY!!!!!!!

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Hey, i want to tell you that u r very brave. how old r u? if u feel u cant talk to yor "friends" @ school, i think u just found the right place here. i hear u! u r not alone. did u know a LOT of peopl have depressions? i know this is hard for u, but u canot get depressed cause ur mom is depressed, u feel me? u got to stay on top, NO MaTTER WHAT. dont listen to peopl that dont have nothn good to say. can u talk to a grownup @ school? do u talk to ur sistas? anyway, if u want to, u can talk to me. i dont judge people. later, beb.

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Hey. read ur post and u got me thinkin. i used to be like that...well, i didnt cut, but i usd to brake my bones on purpose. yeah! i dont do it anymore, i guess i got tired-it wasnt workin... things u wrote are a lot like my sit., but my parents wer clueless... urs @ least know theres somthng goin on, but mine....hah! clueless i tell u.