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That Walken is pretty slick - let's see if he can still walk away from it - we will save him at the last moment but we need a thrill so we will he if he can fend for himself or a while.

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Yes, we need more conservatives like Bush that explode the size of government and give us your money!

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What's the big deal - we don't like cameras either. We put that one guy in jail for releasing photos about our illegal nuclear program.

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These serfs rising up against their financial feudal masters are beginning to cause international embarrassment. Remember in the Soviet Union - American could only feel superior because they thought they had more material wealth. Now that we have removed much of the wealth from the US the serfs are getting uppity. Oh, well, we have a homeland we can all retreat to. Bernanke, Chertoff, Greenspan, Lieberman, Jews of all types have standing tickets to fly to Israel and let Multiculturalism collapse the US as we have planned.

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They're having a wonderful time.

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Yes, they are. They keep you distracted with things so you don't focus on the money you are forced to give to us, that we are flooding your country with non-Whites, and that Whites are disproportionately dying in wars for our benefit.

Watch your politicians beg for our approval:

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Do whatever you want as long as WE get our cut - keep paying us money you earned or else! Oh, and attack Iran for us, too.

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Not as harsh as we have over here. Jews only!

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We don't fight our own wars - we trick the stupid Goyim to do it for us.

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Obama has given us lots of your money and fought more wars for us but we demand more! We demand Cain! He will give us even more money and fight more of our wars.