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You need to move in with your aunt and uncle...changing schools would really suck but you shouldn't be living in that situation....I had a friend and her parents beat her another friend found out about it and told a friend who was being beaten ended up moving away to live with some relatives...she moved into another school district and she was worried about the school but when she got there she was so much happier and I still talk to her but she has made a lot more friends there and shes happy and safe...i really think you should move in with your aunt and'd be a mistake if u didnt' I really think it would.....if you want to talk about it more you can email me

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If you can talk to your dad about it...if it really upsets you i'm pretty sure he'd want to help you to help her! Or even talk to her about it when she's sober and if talking doesnt' work get some help from some of her friends or some of hers and yours family members...I'm sure that you can't be the only one who knows about her drinking and is worried about it....

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I know how you feel! I'm 16 too and i have so many opinions especially on politics and the environment...but the only person who ever really listens to what i have to say is my dad and he always is trying to tell me that i'm wrong and don't really understand these things...its like no one really thinks your old enough to understand or have an opinion...

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You shouldn't be dating someone that you don't like....especially if you guys never even talk. In my own opinion you shuld really break up with him. Try to find a guy at your new school one that you might actually like and one that will talk to you. As for your friend dating this guy...if it makes you uncomfortable just tell her it does...don't lie and say it doesnt because you'll just create a huge problem for both of you. if it doesn't bother you if they date then good! And if you and Josh havenn't talked for four months then he might think that you gusy have broken up you should call him and figure it out and break up with him. it isn't worth having a relationship with someone you don't like.