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That\'s called a mirror

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I just want to give a shoutout to all of our Hungarian visitors, the news media, everyone from Virginia and West Virginia. Justin Foster, Anna Michelle Walters, and everyone else. Thanks guys :) You've made our site huge.

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Your definitions of the terms "consent", "responsibility", "rights", et al. are wrong. In this case, by transmitting the photos via a public channel, that is written consent by legal definition. By "responsibility", in this case, the responsibility falls upon the submitter(s) and the user base. I'm not liable for their submissions nor their actions. As for "rights", I support their right to safety. Our site is solely for entertainment. If people decide to engage in activities which are illegal, that's not my problem, nor does our site cause nor encourage illegal activities.

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A DMCA would go to a US server as a compliance notice, as an administrator I'm not bound by it, because the actual server operators are based in France. That's exactly why - DMCA does not apply in France, it is a US law. The Pirate Bay is a great example of this - they moved all of their information and servers to Sweden where DMCA is not applicable.

Of course, all of the content hosted here is considered Fair Use in addition to being out of the DMCA radius. We have multiple layers of legal protection here - Servers in France is one, User Submitted Content is two, Fair Use is three, Federal Communications Act of 1996 is four, etc. etc., in total we have about 16 applicable and valid defenses against any sort of copyright claim. If you can't figure out how to submit a DMCA, that probably means you have no business trying to submit a DMCA, and also that your DMCA is probably invalid/bogus to begin with.