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So which toast tote does everyone think she got?

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without all the requests for a/s/l though. heh.

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I think there's some sort of campaign going on right now about that. Apparently if you want to be identified as a 'safe' person for immigrants, you wear a safety pin. The woman that promoted the idea says you can't just wear it idly, you have to stand up for people if you see that garbage happening, or document it somehow, whatever the people involved need.

I am waiting for the unintended consequences though. As much as I like the idea I know there's gotta be something I'm missing, right?

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Andy Murray has to lose at Wimbledon in a spectacular fashion before the queen dies. You know, for the proper build up.

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I propose a toast! To all the people at The Toast that ever moderated in any way the comments, especially if they were about something you wrote. Thank you for taking in all that toxic waste to save the rest of us. (Raises glass of Champagne to salute their courage)

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Oh fuck, I forgot about Chilcot.

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They might have a tracker mortgage, that would suck.

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Oh, you're right, I mean it's *possible*, there's a lot of stuff that needs to happen and it might not all happen. But if they just... didn't, or stalled too much, I could see all the Leave people that are nervous today turning that into serious anger against, well, everyone.

But I think momentum and self-interested politicians and the idea of having to say to the world 'oops, we didn't mean it' will make this all go through.

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No, of course not. But imagine what would happen if they ignored the results of the referendum?

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Not really. The PM didn't decide to leave, the people did. As far as I know, it's binding. (or at least all parties consider it binding)

Also, the new PM will probably be someone that was on the side of Leave, like Boris Johnson, AND since they'll be elected by just the members of the Conservative party, it may very well trigger a new General Election.