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Because instead of watching it, they're doing it.

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I dont really understand the anti-Indian sentiment. They're not our enemy. I would much rather have our cultural differences manifest in orderly protest against what they consider indecency than have our cultural differences manifest in the form of suicide bombings and attacks on civilians.

That said, I dont agree with the high court trying to legislate morality. It's not the responsibility of internet providers. If they feel the content is obscene, dont look at it.

I'm a US military veteran and I acknowledge that the next generation of superpowers will be India and China; just like the US and USSR, Great Britain and France, and Spain and Portugal before them. India is an educated, moral society and we are lucky to count them as allies against the Islamic cancer and Chinese amorality set to dismantle civilization.

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I have to, respectfully, disagree. He was pushed so high up on the liberal pedestal, that I'm glad he had one term to have proof that, even when the libs had their chosen one, their choices decimate the country. Admittedly we had to suffer thru it, but at least now real Americans can point at the libs and tell them to go sit in the corner.

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Golden opportunity.

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Well, there goes Obamas latin vote.

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The American military was a joke once. Now we're the preeminent military force on the planet.

The best thing for China would be for us to not take them seriously. But, hey, keep laughing. Personally I'll keep watching them like a hawk and stay friendly with India.

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Spain had Portugal
England had France
The United States had the USSR
and now India has China

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Great, so now we'll have pictures of illegals breaking the law and our government doing nothing about it. It'll make a nice keepsake for the anchor babies they'll have and which our government does nothing about.

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Now that womens rights advocates have effectively emasculated men in the west, they've set their sights on deballing the rest of the world.

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The only thing that 11/11/11 at 11:11am will lead to is 11/11/11 11:12am.