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So the "culture war" is very much a right wing way of describing what is happening. A much better way to think of this, in my opinion, is a conversation. Ignore the extreme fringes, tearing down statues or Nazi saluting in front of the cenotaph they have no interest in conversation. However most are willing to listen to reasoned debate about how we view national figures and whether or not there could be a better, maybe more balanced telling of our history. This does not need to be a war but a reasonable discussion about how we view ourselves and relate to our shared history. This is not a surprising time for this to happen, as we now find ourselves having to understand how we fit into the world and who we are post Brexit.

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We need a Thatcher not Boris. Boris speaks of big ideas but has none. Thatcher was a revolutionary who had the ideas needed when Bretton Woods fell apart during the 70's. I don't agree with the direction she took but a bold new direction was needed and she delivered it. I think, after 40 years, we have reached the end of where her brand of capitalism can take us. We need a bold new vision to deal with environmental change, automation and the more connected world we find ourselves in. Brexit is the shake up that could provide that but will not necessarily leave Britain in the leading global position Brexiters seem to believe. It could mean Britain taking more of a back seat globally whilst re-organising and coming to terms with our new place in the world. Unfortunately no-one seems to be able to formulate a clear new direction. Whatever that maybe.

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With our electoral system as it is, it is accepted that the two main parties are considered to be broad churches of opinion for both sides. This has lead to some awkward internal politics coming to the fore in recent times and even causing parliamentary paralyse. However if we are to keep to what is essentially a two party system with a first past the post voting then mild dissent from your own benches needs to be tolerated to preserve the parliamentary status quo. If any dissent from Boris's demands damages his ego so he feels he must fire them, then he may find himself throwing away a majority again as the years progress.

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A bio of an MP I've never heard of could be interesting but I don't think that was supposed to be the aim of this article. I am actually concerned of the effects on small local theatres and venues and hearing some news from government on this would be good. Less so how an MP likes Am Dram and wasn't allowed to follow her passion by her parents.

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There is an opportunity at this time of transition to be bold with constitutional reform. However I think this should be a process open to the widest possible democratic participation. Thatcher was right constitutions have to be written on hearts, not just paper and running this as closed conservative project will lead to the kind of factionalism we have seen around Brexit. I think the people need to have a say on the kind of reform that is needed and about how this could be achieved. This is a great opportunity to let people feel the control they wanted to take back from Brussels and to heal some of the rifts that Brexit created whilst making Britain a country that is fit for the 21st century.

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5% is not a wide margin. Since that vote we have decided to leave the EU, something most Scots voted against. It is fair to argue that Brexit does change the situation.

i can't disagree with your idea of a second ref with the stipulation of a 30 year minimum wait for another. But the No campaign needs to be able to offer something to those that feel disenfranchised by Westminster.

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This is the attitude that is the problem. We can't just just say go away and shut up. We want the union to survive, that means listening to the needs and wants of the people and making a plan that satisfies them. Without doing this the demand for independence will grow, as people want to know they have control.

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The party of Brexit refuses to acknowledge that others may also feel ruled by a remote and out of touch government which does not reflect their concerns or values.

Something must be offered to the people of Scotland. To hold them in a union against their will is not practical and if not a federalist solution then something must be done to give them the real powers needed to make the union more appealing for them. i wish the union to remain but acknowledge the current solution does not work.

Their cause is the same as those who support Brexit.

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Interesting as history is, surely a better comparison would be how the world has dealt with Sars, H1N1 and bird flu pandemics of the last 20 years rather than lessons to be learnt from a pandemic event from over 100 years ago at the end of a devastating war. The world is very different now.

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Excellent article. Completely right that solving this problem will take an effort from across the board and no doubt involve working with the communities effected.