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5% is not a wide margin. Since that vote we have decided to leave the EU, something most Scots voted against. It is fair to argue that Brexit does change the situation.

i can't disagree with your idea of a second ref with the stipulation of a 30 year minimum wait for another. But the No campaign needs to be able to offer something to those that feel disenfranchised by Westminster.

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This is the attitude that is the problem. We can't just just say go away and shut up. We want the union to survive, that means listening to the needs and wants of the people and making a plan that satisfies them. Without doing this the demand for independence will grow, as people want to know they have control.

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The party of Brexit refuses to acknowledge that others may also feel ruled by a remote and out of touch government which does not reflect their concerns or values.

Something must be offered to the people of Scotland. To hold them in a union against their will is not practical and if not a federalist solution then something must be done to give them the real powers needed to make the union more appealing for them. i wish the union to remain but acknowledge the current solution does not work.

Their cause is the same as those who support Brexit.

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Interesting as history is, surely a better comparison would be how the world has dealt with Sars, H1N1 and bird flu pandemics of the last 20 years rather than lessons to be learnt from a pandemic event from over 100 years ago at the end of a devastating war. The world is very different now.

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Excellent article. Completely right that solving this problem will take an effort from across the board and no doubt involve working with the communities effected.

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It depends how tax is used. Higher taxes on tobacco has reduced smoking rates and is good for public health. Research seems to show the same could be true if applied to units of alcohol.

Using tax to broadly influence the direction of travel for a society is inevitable. Do we tax the money you earn or the money you spend, should you be allowed to inherit all of your parents wealth, should all shoulder the same burden or should those who own more pay more? These sort of things can only be political choices which all have influence on society.

I think analysis of new taxes or tax changes should take the idea of what are we trying to achieve into account. To often it seems people just say no to taxes without thinking.

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I think part of what is needed is to really think about what we want Government to be able to do and provide and then work out a tax system that can provide the funds needed, in such a way that is not counter productive to the original aims.

I think that's why it is important to have a clear idea of what Government is for. I think with a clear idea of Government then there could be real root and branch reform of the tax system.

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There seems to be a constant demand for the Government to lower tax, the logical eventuality would be there would be no tax at all. I assume that you must all see there must be some level of tax, as If there was none there would be no government either. What minimum services do you all think the government should provide?

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There seems to be a pervading idea that to deal with climate change we need to go back to pre-industrial ways of living. This is simply nonsense. Yes things will change but not for the worse if we have a clear aim and realistic goals on how to achieve things. As such this article is correct, life will change and we need to have a realistic discussion about how this change should be guided. Much of the right still seem to be in discussion about if its really happening and if it is is it really worth spending the money to solve the issue. Meanwhile the left have control of the debate on how to solve the problem, surprisingly enough always coming up with ideas the right dislike. Tinkering around the edges whilst still trying to prove a worldwide scientific conspiracy to bring about socialism isn't helping. Use fiscal policy to guide innovation and R&D, use government to set up infrastructure where needed, make sure change happens at a pace that is manageable and doesn't overally impact the population, point to the new opportunities and let the market chase them. There must be acceptable policy decisions that have real impact but we need to find them.

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Not sure if describing the most successful party in Scotland over the last 20 years as a 'pathetic spectacle' is going to convince many Scottish voters to sway to the conservatives. Pretending all is well in Scotland is not going to help either. Unionist parties should face independence head on. Offer real reforms that allow Scottish people to be able to tangibly feel connected with UK Government. Support a national convention and make sure you make robust arguments for the union once it is convened. Also show willingness to listen to grievances and create policy that addresses them. This is the route to power in Scotland not dismissing and deriding the population that disagrees with you.