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There IS going to be a season 6? I thought the one-hour special was a series finale that wrapped up the show's main conflict.

I guess topics for #6 would be

- what happens to Gemworld now. Do the Diamonds quit conquering worlds? Maybe they restrict themselves to uninhabited worlds on which they can make new gems.

- what is the origin of Gemworld? Did the gems ever reproduce naturally? Could it be that some other species created the Diamonds? And were the Diamonds originally one entity before White decided to split her emotions to different diamonds?

- what are the healed gems going to do now?

- what exactly happened at Steven's birth? Did RQ dissolve into her gem and reform as Steven? Did she actually give birth like a human?

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Isn't that a Pink Diamond flag now?

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I'm going to withhold my opinion until we learn more. There IS a possibility, though, that this whole Rose Quartz revolution was just the result of Pink Diamond being a spoiled brat.

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I'm still surprised they went by a "fan theory" about Rose Quartz and Pink Diamond.

Let me see if I understand the timeline correctly.

Pink Diamond made up a fake identity of Rose Quartz as an anti-colonial rebel. Why for reasons unrevealed, though the dreams imply that Yellow and Blue took a very patronizing and disrespectful attitude towards her.

She made her own Pearl disguise herself as Rose Quartz to attack her with that sword. Presumably, that Ruby from the five was in the background witnessing the attack.

The attack made Pink Diamond's corporeal form disappear, but it somehow refashioned the diamond gem to a quartz gem.


BTW: A personal note, I'm really glad that Garnet and Amethyst learned the truth immediately. One thing I really hate is a premise where characters are clueless about the truth. That's why I can't get into "Detective Conan" and I just hate "Miraculous". The sooner characters find out the truth the better. I really hope that the Diamonds find out the truth quickly as well.

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Merry Christmas everyone.

It's really a Luna Christmas, what with a full moon on Christmas day.

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Luna ruins Hearts' Warming Eve?

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You already did. It was called "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils". :-)

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Before I make any plans, I want to know when the start date for Season Six is supposed to be.

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#2 - Apocalypse Dash couldn't be more awesome.

#3 - I agree with the sentiment. But I thought EQD didn't post comics that actually are cut-and-pastes of screencaps.

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"Choreography, photography, even some..." People would've pounced on that line. :-)