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So i did the unlock on my Iphone3g, and followed the instructions and made the custom ipw with the pwnage tool, but when it was all said and done my phone doesnt have cydia, my carrier name stayed what i had it as when i had it unlocked along with my percentage on my battery, but i have nothing else, it looks like the standard locked iphone, also i dont have the MMS addtion to the update. Anyone know what might have gone wrong? Should i try it again?

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I have the gray nintendo light guns on my stomach, and a friend of mine has the hyrulian crest tattooded on the back of his tricep on both arms

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Thanks Guys !!! my friend really loved it when i gave it to him.

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Captain Snarlszich the 3rd

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Great work Rsin. this look really awesome

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Yeah this piece is freaking awesome

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Yeah Robby was unsure about it i made him put it in and now everytime i hear it it gets stuck in my head for a hour or so.

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Thanks for the comment. We are really looking to bump it up more. Maybe Next time we wont have Dups. Glad you all agree with the price bump.

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I used to wear my Ghotsbusters jump suit to elementary school. I was just destined to be a geek huh.

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Yeah i felt that the umbrella corp. bought avon. It was something i totally just had to tweet. Its funny that it is released around the time of RE5 too. Talk about viral marketing.