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And this is the template the Dems want to use for America....I just don't get it.

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I stated a fact and hoped that she was in a better place. I said nothing about passive or active roles. Perhaps you should look inward and realize that you have an over inflated opinion of your opinion and likewise realize that you talk way too much.

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Clearly, all addicts have chosen to be so addicted. They could always wake up one day and choose to no longer be an addict--it's a simple as that--right.

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Her life on earth was hell....maybe she's in a better place now. RIP Ms. Houston.

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Niccolo: The picture you have posted is not LTC Davis. It is BG Terence Hildner, who recently passed away in Afghanistan of natural causes. A true soldier's soldier, BG Hildner was the highest ranking soldier to die in the war and he deserves recognition on the Brietbart website. But not in this way.

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For whatever reason, the mining companies aren't or can't make a profit. So, no more mining. It's all about the money--as it should be.

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I hope this traitor rots in jail. He knew what he was doing was going to get good soldiers and key players on the ground killed....and he did it anyway. Serious crimes deserve serious consequences.

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Yes he does. And we're not.

We are the greatest nation on earth, we are better than all other nations--we are exceptional.

And Obama's apology tour made me sick to my stomach.

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Ron Pot--LMAO..

He's got a point but you can't just stop the war on drugs. His take is a simplistic one. He needs to spend some time in drug task forces and along the border to discover just how much is stopped by law enforcement. Their would be absolute pandemonium among the drug cartel on the streets of America if we stop the war on drugs. The notion "briefs well" but in reality it would be devastating.