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Thanks for this super collection of ideas and apps. I wanted to remind people who may experience their eyes glazing over at apps and learning how to use them that you can also spice things up simply by adding a photo to each update your post to your page. Use the apps, yes, but if you can't do that right now, or if your schedule does not allow you to figure it all out at the moment, don't wait another moment to start attaching a picture to every single post at your Page. It will attract more attention and engagement and make whatever content you have more enticing. Everyone loves color! Thanks again for a super post!
My recent post Transcript: #HandmadeChat #3: How To Hire A Virtual Assistant

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I love this focus on the mindset. It matters more than people think. Thought are things, as Napoleon Hill. Thanks for this reminder, and best of luck on your program!

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This is a great post! I have been guilty of this detouring. Then I get back on track, and think it's kind of obvious. This is a timely reminder for me, to appreciate that I am the only person in my head, and that I have to communicate everything -- even the obvious. Thanks again!

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Very nice! I'm going to get in touch with Matt! This is the solution I've been waiting for. Thanks for sharing!

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I agree with you that most authors cannot do what Seth has decided to do. For him, though, I think it's a logical next step for wherever he's going in his business. He's a thought leader, and even if it turns out to be a failed great experiment for him, he will come out a winner because he tried something new and shared his experiences with others as he went along. True, most people cannot do that. But for Seth and others who have a huge audience, and can reach them directly in the way Seth can, it's an insightful and fun decision. No matter what happens, I think he will not regret it. And neither will I because I get to learn from his success or his failure, as the case may be.

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I love this post. It's fun and interesting to see how other people use their iPhones. I use a lot of the apps you mentioned, with one of my newest favorites being Twitvid. Here are some others I really enjoy. I am a fairly new runner and I love the RunKeeper app ($9.99, but they have a free version). It keeps track of how often I run, where I run, and my times. I also enjoy MailMyPhoto (free). I use it to size down photos quickly and easily to the size I need for my blog. Then, I can easily add them to a quick blog post using Posterous. I use FlickUp ($1.99) to automatically Tweet photos and add them to my Flickr account ($4.99, but they have a free version). Like you, I love the FaceBook app. I have never heard of CalenGoo but I'm going to download it today. I really like the iPhone's native calendar and if this is better, I'll be in heaven! Thanks for the tip!

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I'd like the theme so I can compare it to Thesis, which is what I use now. Also, so I can compare it to other blog platforms I've used including TypePad, Blogger and another custom theme created by a freelancer. I really like Thesis, but without knowing much about code, I feel that it has some limitations. At the end of the day, I need to hire someone like John, and I'm working up to that. I'm not sure if he remembers, but I had a conversation with John a few months back and he quoted me a rate to design my blog. I could not afford it. Hence, another reason why I want to try his theme. Because I already know it will be good.

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The main reason my business is still home-based after 10 years is because it gives me maximum flexibility to be available to my husband and our young children. I wouldn't have it any other way, even though it is challenging to focus in important projects with children around. But when I need total focus, I go to the library or the local coffee shop. I'm fortunate that my husband is also my business partner and we both work at home. This makes it easy to trade off work hours and kid duties. Thanks for a great post. Long live home-based businesses!!

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Congratulations on your launch! Everything looks really nice. What a great way to start the new year -- with a new blog design!

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You are an amazing entrepreneur. Your tenacity is contagious. I'm excited to work with you and thanks for being one of the South Carolina Legislative Leaders!