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All these chumps, Democrats and Republicans, are on the same team, and work for the same crime syndicate bosses, this is all just meaningless fodder for the consumptive public to mull over as they decide which side of the same coin they wish to toss their alliance to. Gotta’ admit though, these folks are pretty damn good actors, unless one knows it is an act, then they become malevolent deceivers.

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No, there are those without work who view military enrollment as a means to help secure their future. Most will not know their mistaken intentions unless they serve overseas in a war zone and come face to face with the enormity of their terrible decision. Many of those who participate in the killing spree will either be wounded physically, or wounded mentally. But a few will go in as, or come out as “deranged psychopaths.” Now, those who create these wars, these are those who fit the bill of the two words found within the quotation marks.

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And yet, “terrorist” is one of those words, like “progressive” or “liberal” that has lost any true meaning. It has become so many things to so many disparate groups that its definition is meaningless. One person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter, one person’s progressive is another's bonafide capitalist, and on person’s liberal is another’s Jack ass. If Nancy Pelosi is a “radical left-winger,” then Donald Trump must be a “moderate.” One word defines it all.......bullshit

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They kill plenty of women, children, & animals as well. They don’t discriminate when it comes to kill8ng.

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While Trump may be a “fucking moron” to quote Rex Tillerson, Pence uses God as a weapon of choice, therefore he is the more dangerous. Better watch who you try to impeach. Of course, the Democrats know impeachment is a no win game, they just want to make sure Trump is elected again.......anything to keep Bernie Sanders off the ticket and out of the White House.

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Sure, it is long past time that we do as you suggest. But, there is a better chance that those “treasonous clowns,” and the ones who put their weapons to use, will annihilate our very existence with the exchange of nuclear missiles. The only way to do what you say is to totally sweep out all Democrats and Republicans from both houses of Congress, and replace them with social justice/peace candidates. The only way to do that is for the citizens of this country to turn off their televisions, to quit listening to, and believing in, lies and manipulations. The chances of those two things happening hover right around zero. If Tulsi Gabbard and Ilhan Omar ran the DNC we might have a chance, but once again, zero is the probability of such a thing happening. Madness rules, psychopaths control, destruction looms. Seek happiness and joy wherever you may find them, that is my suggestion. Everyone seems so damn uptight!

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Yeah, seems like Trump is the team’s quarterback, taking calls from the sideline, then putting the ball in play. He is the perfect choice really, he doesn’t care if you adore him or hate him; just as long as he gets all the attention. He is a damn good actor; playing the populist renegade, the outsider, but he and the Clintons and all the rest go back a long ways. I am sure Trump and Pelosi give each other a knowing nod at times, grinning under their exterior faces, knowing that they have hoodwinked “the American people” they play to, but disdain. I can’t help but think of the Moody Blues song penned by Justin Hayward,......”the curtain rises on the scene, with someone shouting to be free, the play unfolds before my eyes, there stands the actor who is me.” Shakespeare had it right, all the world is a stage, some roles are huge, others matter not at all.

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I think Tracy Chapman penned the song, but Emmylou Harris does a real nice version, the tune entitled “All You Have Is Your Soul,”. I play along with a harp in the key of E, and I FEEL the truth in that vibratory realm of music. Whatever “they,” the manipulators and destroyers do, they can’t touch the soul. Such a place is beyond their comprehension, theirs has been coopted by other, darker forces. They still have one, as they breathe and exist, but it is hardened and has shrunk to the size of a peanut. It was not a pointless fight I don’t believe, maybe just one that has brought you to a different realization. I would like to live long enough to see the implosion, hell I’ve been talking about its arrival for some 50 years now. It’ll be ugly, most will be shocked, some of us just frickin’ ready.

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“There’s plenty good money to be made, by supplying the Army with the tools of the trade,” .........Country Joe McDonald. “War is a Racket,” ...........Marine General Smedley Butler.

Shareholders in weapons producing companies demand profits, profits require continual wars, the reasons for going to war are propaganda campaigns packaged and sold to citizens by your not-so-friendly corporate media outlets. And yet, people still believe, still tune in, still vote for gangsters. But hey, I just want to eat well, play music, have a hot shower and a warm bed, and watch it all implode. I ain’t gonna’ hit the streets trying to wake people up. If that makes me lazy and uninvolved so be it. If that makes me part of the problem, oh well. All the activism has had negligible impact, most of the organizations formed to battle the elite structure have sold out. Columnists writing from the comfort of their homes are weakly distributed and read primarily by those already in the choir. Implosion is the way, so tuning out is just as effective as tuning in. Tuning in is not much more than alternative entertainment.

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Thank you Caitlin for introducing me to the word “doofy.”