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Hence, in essence, hunter gatherers were/are much more civilized than the rest of us. But don’t worry, Bill Gates will fund the development of a vaccine to cure human folly and ignorance.

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I said sex months ago that if the Democrats nominated Joe Biden, I swear to God I would vote for Donald Trump. Well, I certainly won’t do that, but it does mean there is another upcoming election in which I will be a non-participant. Hell, I would have had to hold my nose to vote for Bernie Sanders, but likely woulda’. But, Biden? He is not only a crook, he is an embarrassment.

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Not really sure from your comment just what does not add up for you. There are more than 100,000 children right now who are available for adoption in the United States. If that is “so few children available for adoption” to you, well then so be it. To me that is a lot of children needing a place to call home. The fact that some of these children have issues from being passed around in foster care, to being abused, to being drugged while in the womb, just points to why I have a job dealing with traumatized children. The parents, while screened, take on a lot, and are themselves often in need of support, respite, and a helping hand. I get to provide work and mentoring and assistance in several areas of the children’s and parents lives. It is a wonderful job, and it all adds up perfectly fine for me.

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If I make it ‘till 80 and can no longer put on my rollerskates and knock out 20 miles, I just might be tempted to jump out of an airplane and not open the chute. I do agree with the “old people” scenario to some degree; when I am a burden and no longer an asset it is time to go. If a burden, what the hell is the point?

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I am 66 years old. I work long weeks and go about the business I need to do with a sense of distance and comprehension of people’s fears. Don’t tell me to sit home because of my age. I am in an “essential” field, providing a variety of services to traumatized children who have been adopted. While I do not see the virus as a ‘hoax,’ I see the social engineering and manipulation of people’s fears as the evil machinations of elites like Bill Gates, who may just be the most dangerous man on planet Earth. This whole thing stunk from the outset, and I cannot stand how articles like this paint this as a picture of right wing vs. left wing. I am an avowed anti- capitalist and so far left I fall off the ftickin’ table of any system of measurement, it has nothing to do with left or right, but sure as hell a lot to do with right and wrong. If Gates identifies as ‘left’ I want no part if that designation, but sometimes the ‘right’ appears a lot more sane than the left. Screw taking sides, we are all in this together, and we better get our revolutionary angst together soon or Bill Gates and his ilk will own and control us all.

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Orlov pointed out at the outset that this area is one he knows little about, then continues on with supposition and attempts to paint a picture that is opaque at best. But so what? He has every right to write whatever the hell he wants, and readers are free to discount or accept what he writes. The back and forth on here between supposed trolls and others is not very informative nor is it entertaining. Orlov does no real service to truth, and neither do most of the comments. It is all grist for the mill, with no real relevance. This is a thread for the waste bin, which is kind of a bummer since Orlov is usually so sharp and relevant. Maybe he was just tired, maybe he just wanted to stir the hornet’s nest, and see how active the hornet’s are. Here, the hornet’s were active, but their stingers were blunted and ineffective.

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I don’t own or watch much TV, but with it has become my task to fuel and stoke the winter wood stove, it’s position being off to the side from the tube my roommate watches nightly. As I sort of tune in to the parade of democrat pundits and power players that multi millionaire Bill Maher has on, I just can’t help but think that another Trump victory may be a good thing. That thought not some vote of confidence in the Orange King, but such thought centered on.......why march toward a slower death of capitalism and imperialism? The needed implosion of the failed systems under which we toil is much needed, let’s get on with the dastardly deed of greed burning itself up so that a different approach is evident, even to those who believe in these systems, The brain inside my white colonialist skin has for many decades believed that these lands which now form the United States of America, lands which I have never owned a slice of, still rightfully belong to those who were here prior to the arrival of the thieves who took them over. I don’t give a rat’s ass anymore what any of these people on TV have to say, because that fact, that this is a stolen country never makes it into the conversation. This reality goes for Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and a host of other “nations” that the European cultures raped and stole. There is no rule of law after that fact, there is only obfuscation and myth, hence it is all lies. The systems wrought by colonialism and capitalism will fall and crumble, more than likely by the weight of their own deceptions, and, the sooner the better. What is before us now in terms of politics and power is all entertainment and geared to keep people from thinking about deeper truths. It is all mental gymnastics for the powerless, and manipulation by the powerful, regardless of which side of the fence you stand on. My mind retreats to where there are no fences.

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All these chumps, Democrats and Republicans, are on the same team, and work for the same crime syndicate bosses, this is all just meaningless fodder for the consumptive public to mull over as they decide which side of the same coin they wish to toss their alliance to. Gotta’ admit though, these folks are pretty damn good actors, unless one knows it is an act, then they become malevolent deceivers.

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No, there are those without work who view military enrollment as a means to help secure their future. Most will not know their mistaken intentions unless they serve overseas in a war zone and come face to face with the enormity of their terrible decision. Many of those who participate in the killing spree will either be wounded physically, or wounded mentally. But a few will go in as, or come out as “deranged psychopaths.” Now, those who create these wars, these are those who fit the bill of the two words found within the quotation marks.

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And yet, “terrorist” is one of those words, like “progressive” or “liberal” that has lost any true meaning. It has become so many things to so many disparate groups that its definition is meaningless. One person’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter, one person’s progressive is another's bonafide capitalist, and on person’s liberal is another’s Jack ass. If Nancy Pelosi is a “radical left-winger,” then Donald Trump must be a “moderate.” One word defines it all.......bullshit