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It's a lost cause, but maybe, just maybe, they could learn the lesson of a revitalized AM dial post Fairness Doctrine. I know that this "cause" would be dependent upon the wizards of smart to start seeing us for what we are, reasoned creatures, unfortunately I believe that this "study group" will start with the prejudice of us being sheep, or nutjobs.

I guess the elites think sheep or nutjobs don't have First Ammendment rights unlike enemy combatants.

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Indeed bought off.... by simpathetic governments.

Why are corporate lobbyist bad and union and pro-government lobbyist are good in your view?

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I think it's marvellous that has beens and neo-intellectuals are blowing a collective, progressive gasket over us astro-turfed tea baggers. Think about it, when you call them on the sexual reference they feign ignorance, if you take up the moniker out of spite, they snicker like 5th grade boys over their presumed hood-wink.
I'm waiting for somebody to say "uncle", until then this "retard" movement will continue to baffle the World's Smartest Idiots and roll over their collective, progressive machine.

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What did climate change theory not cover?
Were the MWP and LDL strange anamolies because they occured pre-industrial revolution?
Was the Roman Warming Period a result of the Bronze Age?
Or did history start in 1913?

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The one thing that bugs me the most about the show was "the man behind the curtain", Maurice Strong and how much his business and geo-political dealings are similiar to George Soros. Strong's old partner, some guy named Hunt, said that "they" were smarter than everybody else. After investigating the bio's of Strong and Soros again, I was left with one question to ponder;
Why would somebody who believes in man-made global warming and "green" technologies be so heavily invested in oil and coal enterprises?
It appears that if a person could hold both ends and filter the currency through one central bank (Rothschild, Rockefeller, GE Green Bank) that he would hold control in the everyday life of every person on Earth. I would say it's about money, but it looks like it's about being King of the World to me.

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Did anybody else see Conspiracy Theory on TruTv dealing with the Global Warming hoax?

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Just the facts;

Nancy Pelosi is responsible for more debt than all other House Speakers combined. She's chiefly responsible for the massive loss of jobs and wealth.
By her own standards, integrity, civility, bi-partisanship, fiscal responsibility, she's admittedly incompetent and a disasterous failure.
She continue to blame the problem of failure and legislative incompetence on a powerless Republican party.
She's a historical ignoramus.

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We dismantle churches, institutions, and corporations that are corrupt. Enron is one example. However, government is, as Thomas Paine said, a necessary evil and taxes are compulsory. It is only correct that we demand accountability.

BTW, many of us "tea partiers" were livid when government expanded under Republicans. We weren't heard because we are viewed as extremists. It will be a mistake that we will ensure never happens again!

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You confuse "green" conscience with enviromental duplicity. To believe in your limits statement, would make your statement, a capitalist with a conscience, not extrordinary.
Then, nearly all of the energy sector owns a conscience by your stated logic.
Do all capitalist with any "green" ventures have consciences?
I would've figured you to have been intelligent enough to have known the difference between Soros hitting up the tax payers of the planet for a venture grant that if it fails, we are stuck with, and loans that anybody would take that is backed by that persons name, wealth, and future. I'm liable for both. I have a word in thecontract of my house and car.
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Show me logic in how you can make one statement; a capitalist with a conscience, and then use another that would suggest that his conscience has limits; runs a hedge fund.The conscience argument would be easier to buy if it were not for his recent transactions, Haliburton and Brazillian oil. Furthermore, a man with the incredible means at his disposal and a "conscience" wouldn't be piningfor others to fundhis project that he believes in. It would appear that his "conscience" would stop at his wealth.

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