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It would appear I fall into the central reservation... :)

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Like you said about leaving it to others, I had the same experience with web design. I dabbled and realised that people were asking me to just knock a blog or site together. Was way more trouble for me as I was totally way over my head. So now I focus on what I do best.

And yes, I walk away from work when it looks like I could be fighting a uphill battle. I just don't need it. I left my full time work to get away from all that crap, not to walk straight back into it.

I am now the one in control. Woop. :)

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I like the 'new rule' : "The value of a logo should be directly proportional to the value the business owner puts on his business."

The only problem is, and the one we keep going back to is that a lot of the time the client will not understand about brand and identity values. To them, a logo is just a small graphic that should cost just a few pounds. Yet they don't see that 'this' logo is their identity, how people will perceive them. It's a strange world.

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Man these are so neat, not seen anything quite like them, more so as they are social media badges. So impressed with the FireFox one, that looked impossible to do yet you can tell what it is. Great stuff.

The the best one has to be the Twitter, how oh so appropriate.


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Well timed article for sure. Know a few people making the move from other services or thinking about it so this is a great way to start them off.

I was always unsure about the WWW bit as my host said i really didn't need to worry. But realise that it can cause issues with duplicate content with google as it can index both the www and non www, so on the ball with that one.

Funny, set up a fair number of WP installs, and not once deleted the Admin, yet each time I thing what a silly thing to have. Get's me every time. :)


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Have found this ebook to be more than enlightening from Mr Garett, worth checking up on frankly.

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I have been with backtype for a while but only these last few days started playing with it and am actually finding it quite useful and interesting. When I did a Twitter shout for anyone else to hook up with on BackType, there were a surprisingly high number of my followers on it or tempted to sign up.

So keeping my eye on this one.

Awesome site by the way, came over from SEO2.0.


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Nice. Have always been a bit dubious with having all these little icons floating around, they can make things look so messy, even if on their own they look good. Add to end of post with other stuff and they dont look so hot.

So i think text only social links is a great idea, so def up for tryiing this one.

Thanks mate.

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Nice compact list here, already added now the ones I had missed.