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Funny, I was going to say the same thing. Here comes this argument again.....

(The article originally said that a motorcycle was involved-that's what created the confusion)

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Typical elistist BS. Nothing surprises me anymore.

I hope one of the homeowners up there burns their own house down with fireworks.

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Where do you even start with that sketch? That's hilarious

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Baylor will beat CU out of the Pac10. Welcome to the Mountain West.

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I suspect this is just starting to get suspicious

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God forbid that Arizona decides to actually enforce the laws that are already on the books(and not being enforced).

It's even funnier that other states are in the process of implementing the same, but yet the tree huggers are still crying about it being unfair.

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This isn't going to go over well, but I wonder if an increase in Hispanic immigration correlates to a decrease in the Afro-American population in these areas. It's no secret that Hispanics tend to bust their rears in whatever job they can get, and at whatever pay they can get, and it's not rocket science that this may force the blacks to move elsewhere for work since they won't work for the wages that the Hispanics will.

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Considering that a cop at the scene layed it out on the ice & busted his rear end, I would say that the road was a tad slick.

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and that has what to do with a massive oil spill that is growing by the day?

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They may consider the campus as private property-I'm not 100% sure though.