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I went through kind of the same shit in middle school, the only way i got away from those bullies was by doing to a different high school

To Michael, Bullying is something that people do when their own lives are terrible or that they were raised their way. I ask you if you recover to no harbor any hatred for them, but pity them. I hope that you will recover soon. If you need any help or comfort, we are here for you.

To Michael's family, I am saddened by the news of your son, I can't understand what you're going through because this is something I have never experienced, but one way is to help Michael, when kids were bullying me, I had the comfort of my family and friends. But most of all I had the inner strength to get through it. Michael needs all the comfort and friendship he needs, but most of all he needs to be strong through suffering. I pray for you all.

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huh if rarity has a ton of gems but is still like a middle class, how rich is celestia and the canterlot upperclass?
This currency in Equestria is just wow

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This song is really addicting and amazing
the best and the vocals. wow
WIsh there was a 100 hr version

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The questions finally answered. the Great mystery cleared up
Season 4 will be the hope i have been waiting for

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but i feel like there's more to this, guess that's why Megan said it was a 3 parter.

CANNOT WAIT FOR SEASON 4, Twilight's life as a princess and everything is NOT going to be fine.

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Meh as long as it doesn't continue the MLP plot or is any way related to the story and it's just as said, a parallel universe, i can live with it.
But most likely this is not going to be the movie, The movie(yes there will be one) will most likely have the mane 6 and no humanized anything.

if the movie is about Equestria girls and not MLP, i dont know what to say.

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was gonna go to like, but then saw 846k likes, gj everyone

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wait a second, how can there be 26 episodes about twilight being a princess?
Or maybe she gives it up! or maybe she decided not to! or maybe its just about her rule.



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I hope it'll be like that Twilight has the choice to obtain the powers of the alicorn, but chooses not to be with her friends.
Hugs and kisses all around. Then comes MLP movie