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The point i was trying to make was that you make contingency plansin the event of certain events occuring this seems logical being pro-active and not reactive to events. After exit regarding the arrangements in place you have a different scenario for such plan in place. This seems better than sitting down after exit and negotiating a trade deal and trading under WTO for X number of years.

What was so hard to understand this seems the logical way to proceed and ultimately the least damaging to the ecconomy.

I do not understand the insults that come my way from asking why this simple question this way of planning does occur in the real world ie planning for different scenarios.

Sorry if the question embarrased brexiteers

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Of course I know that new trade deals cannot be signed until we exit the EU however planning for different scenarios could be done and in the event of either scenario happening the the relavent agreement comes into effect.

Please read what I had said before resorting to cheap jibes or is sensible debate beyond you

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None of the Brexiteers will mount a challenge as they are finding it hard to convert slogans into a good ecconomic reality, and dont wish to be at the helm when the UK sinks. So put up or shut up and let sound ecconomics govern our negotiations.

A few items to note,
Liam Fox has been in the job for 2 years with nothing to show for it, apart from “informal discussions” no plan A, B, C or Z all this on ministerial salary and nearly 1/4 million in expenses (nice work if you can get it) Surely by now something would be in place for midnight on exit date either under scenario A, B, C etc

The EU has begun trade talks with Australia and New Zealand.

Sad to see that JRM was to afraid to visit NI (and this is with a working peace process) to see the effect a hard border would have. Imagine his reaction when a hard border gets put in place. Not exactly the material that PM’s are made of

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Oh dear. No one has yet explained how in todays age when manfactured goods have to cross borders many times being outside of a customs union is ecconomically beneficial the impact on costs and therefore jobs (of course not brexiteers jobs) will be huge. I wonder if any of the likes as JRM or BJ and the rest of the self serving ilk would be willing to spend some days and nights in a customs post on the Irish border, i suspect their professed love of country would evaporate after afew mortar or Ak rounds come in their direction.

Please dont say that we can have trad deals with who we wish after Brexit, it may be true but as a nation of 65 million consumers negotiating with US 250 million who holds the cards then, or India 1.3 billion the larger the block the more the whip hand is held, we are finding this out ourselves now.

Now i dont wish to ruin brexiteers fun but if these questions could be answered with facts and not some glib slogan would be nice.

Oh and has JRM sold the Russian stocks his fund holds, if he gets into power theres Putins leverage on him, can any brexit supporter tell THE COUNTRY we will be ecconomically better off after brexit and please dont mention the 350 million to NHS

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Sorry to note you resorted to insult and called me uncharitable, I shall cancel my standing orders to Salvatiob Army, CRUK and BHF immediately. As you have probably guessed I voted to remain, however I accept the result and hope for the best. My reason for voting remain was that I emailed all of the leave organisations asking will we be economically better off after Brexit None bothered to reply I therefore assumed that they were long on rhetoric but short on facts. Let me put it this way Nissan and Renault are commencing talks on a full blown merger given the fractured supply lines Brexit will create when it comes to cost savings who do you think should worry.
The same applies to all companies with similar supply lines.

Next Northern Ireland, the chief police officer has stated that any border posts will become a target for hard republican elements, The majority of Brexiteers in Conservative party will be safe again it will be the poor bloody infantry (of which I was one in 70s) will pay the price.

In short I hope Brexit succeeds but am so pessimistic about it the knock on to the economy and therefore the NHS, Defence, education and even the state of the roads will be horrendous. Therefore when you casually insult those who voted remain that’s the reason pure economics and the impoverishment of my country.

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He didn’t deny it or correct the un-truth though so acquiesced to the lie. I can not deny his faith which I guess is sincere but deeds not words count for more

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Oh boy, so how does he square his life with recent comment “we must stand up to Russia” yet 10% of his investment find is in Russian stocks including a bank slightly hypocritical. And of course the 10 commandments how about “shall not bear false witness (tell lies) a big red bus with 350 million on side springs to mind. Sadly Conservatives do not se what a joke he is in the real world, the only thing in their favour is fear of the alternative.

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It’s not blinkered to see jobs relocated to EU in boardrooms of major corps decisions regarding investment are not being taken. Are the car manufacturers BMW Vauxhall/Peugeot Nissan is their workforce employment prospects more or less secure because we are leaving a free trade area?

I did not vote on the predictions of the remain lobby that was just a badly managed campaign by a bunch of Tory posh boys. I resent being called blinkered but will accept realistic that it is foolish to leave a free trading block of 600 million for the promise based on spurious promises of jam tomorrow to be delivered by an ideological driven bunch who are out of their depth.

Please don’t believe all in the Mail Express or Telegraph trawl elsewhere for a wide range of views not just those that suit your opinion.

And yes read one of his books should get 10p for it at next car boot

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Sad to see you have resorted to insult “deranged Remainers” I note with regret that the proof I asked for still not provided I guess the hard questions get ignored so as a hint if Brexit I going to be such a success why did John Redwood in a newspaper column advise his readers to get their assets out of the country. And regarding your comment on Corbyn I have no intention of supporting him or his party

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A book by him is just a collection of opinions. I draw you attention to arguments during the campaign that German car makers will exert pressure on their government to facilitate an easier Brexit, similarly French wine and cheese producers and Johnson’s claim about Italian Prosecco producers. None of this happened and the unity amongst the EU members has remained strong of not stronger. So I ask again FOR PROOF not a wish list from an ideological cabal of that we will be economically better off by leaving a large free trading block. I agree there was a lot that was wrong with it but tents and pissing springs to mind. The peace process in NI is also at risk and as somebody who did 2 tours there in the 70s would hate to see that return. Please note majority of Brexiteers ring leaders patriotism did not extend to wearing their country’s uniform.