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CPS needs to stop "Scheduling" home visits and just pop in unannounced. It is easy to get a house cleaned up and the boyfriend gone when the visit is announced ahead of time.

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It is so unfortunate this happened. I cringe when I see people in the surf on any beach in Washington or Oregon. The rip tides are invisible and unforgiving. Once in one, it is difficult to get out or yell for help. Sad indeed.

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Nice choice lady. Trespass, an eviction, a bankruptcy. This woman just made the rest of her life absolutely difficult. Few legit jobs will hire her, and most landlords would never rent to her (if they check things out). Unless of course her charm and appeal win them over. Which is probably how this girl made it this far.

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Don't worry folks, a not guilty please is a good thing in this case. It is how the system works.By pleading Not Guilty, the penalties/sentences will be 5 times what they are with a guilty plea. That is how the system works. Accused are told "If you plead guilty, we will let you out of jail today. If you do not, and you take this to trial, we will ask for 15 years.." Plus, most sit in a jail for many many months before a trial takes place. It's just easier to plead guilty. Easier for everyone. Countless people plead guilty to crimes they did not commit, simply to get out of jail, keep a job, etc.

But in this case, a NG is a good thing, means extra time for this fool.

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But that might have removed her power.

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It is a known fact that it is possible the female "victim" is actually the abuser. Some are very good at punching their man in the face, then getting him arrested as well. If they had run-in's with the law over domestic stuff, and there was probable cause, there would have been arrests and protection orders put in place by the court. This does not seem to be the case which indicates they did not have probable cause to arrest the man in the past. I do not know the history, but it is more common than you might realize. Aggressive and violent woman. Some who are experts at using the system to inflict a lot of damage on those who once trusted them.

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He won't be cleaning roadsides. Not reporting to Corrections Officer is considered escape and he will prob get five years for that alone. With his five felonies, he will likely get triple that.

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This guy should not only be removed from the show, he should be criminally prosecuted! Post discharge court martial! Many vets have been killed and wounded and for him to falsely a claim, and try to sound like a hero, well... it is a dishonorable offense that just wrecked his life. Honesty is the only policy. Anything else will lead to self-suffering.

It is better to own a mistake than to be a mistake.

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When I was their age, it was a trip to the principles office, and a few good swats on the arse. There were even rumors of a spanking machine that kept us in line. Fingernails not clean? Smacked with a ruler. Talk out of turn? In the corner. Talk back to a teacher? Suspended.

That is why the generation raised before Nintendo, MTV, and Separation of Church and State actually amounted to something and accomplished things. That was when duty to others, and country was the common motivation. Their grandchildren have not been too impressive. That is what happens when parents let Nintendo and TV babysit because of narcissism. And their great grandchildren, well, I have been reading the headlines.

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"Feed a starving dog and he will never bite you. This is the fundamental difference between dogs and humans. "