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I see dead ponies.
And this post as it were.

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Okay, I'm absolutely getting a couple Brony Trekker shirts!
I feel though I may just have to try and commision some additional ones on top, 'cause I could go with some different character/ship combos (CaptRico, you may be seeing a note from me in the coming months).
I like how the original commisioner went with the Dawn Treader for the Intrepid, reminds me of "The Voyage of the Dawn Treader".

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#4 Is from last year - didn't know submissions took that long to be posted ;)

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Possibly because the duplicate identification is pulling and comparing the URL for when you click on the image? #4 and #16 have different URLs when you click directly on the image, but link to the same source.

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In case anyone is looking for the music/song source (and don't care to look through replies):

That said, lookin' forward to the next few years.

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Tried going to Nightmare Nights - ticketing system was down and couldn't get in... Other than the 1 person I ran across there (Think: Deadpool-Pinkie offering you cupcakes in which "You can really taste the Rainbow"), no one. Which is kinda sad...

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Tip: if you're not a fan of fitted shirts, order a size up.
Having bought no less than 4 shirts from TeePublic, I can verify they're all good quality so far.
In any case, the shirts themselves they use are just plain comfy on their own even if you don't like the design.

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Family knows, few friends know. Pretty much everyone doesn't care, or just shrugs it off and goes on (haven't got anyone else interested unfortunately). I mostly don't bring it up unless asked (except I solicited PMV editing advice in a public FB request).
As for merch & such... I like to stick to the sutble stuff for public (except for decals, I have a growing collecetion of Emkay's faction decals on my car), I have a couple subtle shirts, some faction lapel pins, and the WeLoveFine Legends of Equestria poster. Most recent additions have been the WLF Nightmare Moon Vinyl (with the coin), and soon-to-be Hot Topic Luna and Celestia.

Have yet to encounted another Brony in the wild...

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Thanks for going through that. I had contacted their customer support (via email), and they told me to do the same thing :) They also said though that I could put the order in, then email them the order number to have the discounts applied. But it seems just calling in is going to be better in the long run.

Thanks for reporting back!

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It is indeed confusing.
What's even more perplexing is the fact that the details button on the banner has dates from the end of this month last year. The whole "$0.25 shipping on oders over $25" is still true though (didn't actually complete the transaction, only got to the final confirmation and saw that the prices weren't reduced).
Whatever the case, hopefully it'll be clear later on what is actualy going on. Here's the hoping the sale isn't over!