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"Utah officials believe steel-jacketed bullets are the most likely culprits" So it's steel? Wow I always thought that was copper. I didn't know steel and copper were the same color?

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you'd change your tune if some freak grabbed your privates.

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There's no excuse for this BS! That's what the little N is for on the shift column. Put it in neutral and turn it off!

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This is great and all, but its too bad that our police have to go out and waste their time arresting the drunk sob's, only to have the judges turn around and release them.

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I bet those idiots thought they were going to get a special prize for bringing the ladies home....

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Umm, I'm not an immigrant. I was born and raised here. Secondly, the "Natives" came here over the Ice bridge thousands of years ago. Humans didnt evolve in the north american continent. It all started in Africa.

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Awesome! Its about time! I'm a straight white republican male, and I think its time this got passed. The far right bible thumpers in the party are shameful. Gay isn't a choice, people are just "wired" certain ways. Gay isnt something you catch like the flu. Grow up guys. There are other books besides the bible. Are you that insecure about your own sexuality?

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to whip it, whip it good

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if someone can build their own spaceship at 16, I seriously doubt theres much they can learn from school.

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and getting stabbed by three punks is?