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Vitamin D has been shown to be effective in a double blind placebo trial.

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US Presidental elections have a faint air of the late Roman Republic. An elite group of super rich vying for office, via the two political groups, the Optimates (Dems) & the Populares (Reps). That didn't end well.

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The vaccines won't come in until next year at the earliest, and its clear that partial lockdowns are only partially successful... lockdowns for vulnerable people and leave the rest to get on with a la Swedish model is the only sustainable path?

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I see no statement from Whitty, or the politicos telling people to take vit D supplements, and yet the evidence keeps building up showing the medical benefits.

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How is Ursula Unter den Linden ever going to pursuade me to buy anything from the EU again?

Better Australian wine than EU whine.

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Is there life on Marr's show?

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Can I just check that maths here 11th April...

UK Cumulative Total: 78,991 (Up from 70,272).

UK Daily Total: 5,234 (Up from 5,195).

Forgive me, but 5,234 plus 70,272 isn't 78,991, it's 75,506.

The slide on page 2 from today's press briefing in the No 10 slide pack gave the same daily total.

4624 plus 610 = 5234.

So either yesterday's total is wrong (70,272) or today's total (78,991) is wrong. This matters inasmuch as if the quoted daily total of 78,991 cases is true we just had an unprecedented jump in new cases (hope not), or a mistake in reporting (hope so).