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Koenig's a full-on nutter, and worse than that, he's intelligent enough to probably know he's spouting nonsense. Not so long ago, he was telling us COVID vaccines contained nanobots, a claim that's fallen out of favour since mass rollouts made these vaccines available for anyone curious and determined enough to get hold of some and try to find the nanobots. Now he's - probably wilfully - muddying the waters around ocean CO2 absorption. Yes, oceans absorb CO2. They've absorbed around a quarter of the CO2 we've emitted since the Industrial Revolution, which is why the oceans are becoming more acidic. They absorb CO2 overall when atmospheric concentrations are higher than marine concentrations, as they currently are. Most of the CO2 we emit remains in the atmosphere for ages.

None of which is to deny that many so-called green policies are pure greenwashing. Of course politicians, finance capital, multinational corporations and so on want to portray their environmental damage as the exact opposite, just as the USA portrays its warmongering imperialism as promoting freedom and democracy.

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Many historians think one of the reasons the USSR sent nuclear weapons to Cuba was to counter the Jupiter missiles in Turkey. I don't recall any claiming the intention was to get the Jupiters removed, though that was what happened in the end. Who else has made that claim?

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The US Jupiter missiles were indeed removed from Turkey. That in no way proves your assertion that "Russia installed the missiles in Cuba to force the US to remove nuclear weapons at Russia's door in Turkey." I've seen various reasons proposed for the missiles in Cuba, and that's only one of them. We can't know the USSR's motives for sending them, and there were likely as not various motives.

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It's a matter of opinion rather than fact that "Russia installed the missiles in Cuba to force the US to remove nuclear weapons at Russia's door in Turkey." Even if that was Krushchev's motive, Cuba might never have agreed had the US not already organised an atttempted invasion, with the authorisation of JFK.

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I said faults because that's what I misremembered you as saying, not because I wanted to make him appear worse than he was. My apologies; I see the two words as more or less equivalent.

It's often said that he wanted to bring troops back from Vietnam, but the fact is he sent more. The Bay of Pigs invasion was indeed planned under an earlier administration, but it was JFK who gave the final go-ahead.

I've heard it said elsewhere that 'JFK when he died was a different man to the one that was elected in 1960', but that claim seems more a matter of his beliefs than his actions. I'm of the opinion that our leaders' beliefs are entirely secondary, and it's their actions that count. He may have wanted to revamp the USA and do something about some of its internal injustices, but I'll remember him chiefly for taking the world to the brink of a global nuclear war in order to prevent Soviet nuclear missiles being stationed near the USA while US nuclear missiles were stationed near the USSR.

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Not without faults, as you said. JFK authorised the CIA-organised Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, then took the world to the brink of a major nuclear exchange between the US and USSR when the latter tried to supply Cuba with nuclear weapons with which to defend itself against future invasions (despite the US having such weapons in Turkey aimed at the USSR). Describing the South Vietnamese government as “the cornerstone of the free world in Southeast Asia”, he sent additional special forces and presided over the Strategic Hamlet program, in which the rural population was corralled into concentration camps, rather than permit the vote on reunification promised in 1956, which a US ambassador to Saigon had said would undoubtedly go in Hanoi's favour.

A revolution in the capitalist USA perhaps, but in no way against it, though his assassination did lead many of its citizens to realise it was not a democracy.

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A great many Rastafarians aren't US citizens, so the US constitution doesn't apply to them. And insofar as they pledge allegiance to a foreign power, it's Ethiopia rather than Israel.

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Prof. Wolff has a superb knack of identifying the main points and getting them across clearly and concisely.

Towards the end of this video he points out that the US empire is in irreversible relative, if not absolute, decline, and any military attempt to curb the rise of China will be fruitless and dangerous. I wish I saw some reason to think US leaders could accept this reality; they seem almost unanimously convinced of the opposite.

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I didn't know that about sixteenth century Brits, but they're far from alone in identifying as one (or all?) of the tribes of Israel. For example, Rastafarians:

' The nation of “Israel” are “Gods” chosen people. “Rastafari” roots stem from out of “Israel” being of the “Tribe of Judah”. One of the sons of “Jacob”. '

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I saw a documentary about him (I forget which exactly) in which he says he grew up in a family of whom many worked for the US government or military, taking it for granted their country was inherently good and benevolent. He says he had more or less unquestioning faith and loyalty for quite some time.