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I hope you're not writing this from an Apple computer.

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Put it right behind the Bridge House and take away that organization's housing money.

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CU is run like a crappy state/national government.

We go the route of bonds because we "don't have any money" and then force payment plus interest on the student body.

And people wonder why tuition rates hike each year. When you owe an additional 3-10% on any capital investment you make, not only are you an idiot, well you're a sucker too.

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Same could be said for the typical $200,000 CU has spent to combat the 4/20 fest the previous few years (at least the years prior to this past April).

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Imagine if they had rowed to work on their bikes instead ...

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But hey, at least Plenary will get loads of money!

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The biggest phoniness of the second amendment was that it was written into law centuries ago when it took 2+ minutes to load the barrel of a gun with powder and to put a single round (a metallic sphere, not a bullet) into it for projection.

Electricity wasn't even a part of every day life, the Wild West existed without official police forces, and national citizen-based militia (i.e. National Guards, etc.) hadn't been formed. The US was coming off wars with its previous "ruler" (Britain).

It's sad that really the only protection people need on a day to day basis involving guns is protection from those who are crazy with guns.

We are a Nation that has 10 guns for every 1 citizen (i.e. 3.3 billion guns in circulation for 330 million Americans) and this isn't including military arsenals.

Food for thought: If there weren't any citizens with guns to shoot people, you wouldn't have to protect yourself from getting shot by people. Police forces in Europe mainly carry non-lethal weapons as the only weapon on their persons, as there's generally no need to bring a gun to a knife fight.

But this is America, where retards feel the need to bring a gun to every event, fight or not, in the guise of protection from the very people they defend -- gun nuts.

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Hope this guy gets tried as a terrorist and sentenced to death.

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Uhhh, they state traffic numbers on some of the roads between 15,000 and 20,000 cars a day but don't state any of the estimated bike traffic in those areas.

So they're going to inconvenience up to 20,000 people per road to benefit 200-300 bikers per road with a far-from-conservative "master plan" of enabling 30% of the entire city of Boulder to travel where they need to go by bike.

Taken from Kevin/Shark Tank's words, this idea needs to be taken behind a barn and shot.

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More advice to future valedictorians, if you truly want to succeed in the US of A, don't follow the rules. It's rigged against those that do.

I'm not saying "rob a bank" here, but rules working as guidelines is the general approach.