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The Democrat Party is more likely to elevate Omar, the jihadist, as their nominee than Schulz. IMHO, we seem to be in an era of non-SQUISH politics. The "moderates" (who REALLY stand for nothing) are not going to have a choice in 2020. I'm all for it. Believe what you believe and STAND UP for it. (No. Don't even try FORCING someone to believe what you believe via CENSORSHIP or VIOLENCE. If you do, you will FOR SURE lose. The Streisand Effect is REAL.) In this way, we have a CHANCE to weed out EVIL (for those with no clue, that means THE LEFT).

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Every candidate on the left is a joke. Biden is being taken out by the left as we speak because his party is nothing but a bunch of racists and they're ashamed of his old whiteness. They are using his CREEPINESS to do it. The China thing is too complicated to reach any mouth-breathing Democrat and have an impact.

The only one that might stop the coming Democrat party implosion is Schultz. Most reasonable people (Yes, there are SOME. And, they are NOW watching current events) are on their way to leaving the Democrat party and will vote Trump in 2020. Schultz, as far as we've seen, may be the road to sanity for the party. However, the violent arrogance of the looney left will not allow anyone reasonable to rise within their party. And, anyone who goes up against the Trumpster tends to run up against the "Trump Curse". Someone even made a list...

If Schultz has a skeleton, it will be exposed.

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I can't abide hearing Pelosi's voice, like Harry Reid before her. Schumer is another one whose voice grates. And, when I see pictures of any of these anti-Liberty nutjobs, I scroll right past them as fast as I can.

Our side is partly responsible for letting the children in government run amok. Being a lazy and fearful parent ensures the children become criminal animals. This is the result of the grown-up party's laziness and FEAR of the unruly children.

When politicians talk about and/or DO ANYTHING other than UNLEASHING the economy, ENSURING the FREEDOM of the AMERICAN people, and CUTTING spending and regulations, they need to be SHUT DOWN and RIDICULED. If the pundits don't start doing that, those pundits need to lose our readership/viewship as fast as possible. In that way we'll send a powerful message to OUR SERVANTS, the political class and the FREE MARKET will educate and/or destroy the punditry for getting off track.

And, what Stephen Miller did yesterday to the communist media was EPIC and much appreciated by his EMPLOYERS (US for those in Rio Linda).

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Fight. Start with the Convention of the States to propose an amendment to the Constitution imposing term limits on the swamp rats who are there for themselves, not the country. Once the amendment is in place and the turn-over of Congress and Senate is running towards liberty-loving patriots, we can then get the FairTax passed. Hope it happens in my lifetime.

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Oh, Comey's a bad man all right. "Lordy".....but, he actually creeps the bejesus out of me! The worst thing he admitted to was not the cowardly complying with Lynch's demand he refer to the Hillary email investigation as a "matter". It was his admitted LEAKING of government documents (HIS notes on his conversations with Trump) to a "friend" who then LEAKED it to the media in order to FORCE a special counsel who ends up JUST HAPPENING to be a "close" friend of Comey's! By the way, if anyone thinks that's the first time Comey LEAKED, I have some beautiful swamp land for sale right in the heart of DC.....CHEAP!

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You gotta let Trump be Trump. He may say something that you consider to be stupid......remember "wire-tapped"? But, it usually ends up being true. I think he's a savant when it comes to dealing with people and situations. It'll turn all right for him in the end. The only thing that bothers me about him is that he does not seem to understand the evil in the democrats. Some of the republicans have it, too, but it is a more self-serving evil rather than ideological. The dems are lock-step, off the rails communist/Marxist/AmericaHATING with a passion evil and, I don't think Trump gets that yet. THAT, to me, is the bigger problem than his seemingly idiotic (but, with a purpose) messaging.

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There are two steps needed to fix these problems (and many others not mentioned). Both are under the radar and in the works. However, they need to be much more visible for people to advertise and PUSH. Number one is the Article V Convention of the States to propose a Constitutional Amendment to impose term limits on the Senate and Congress. This will bring our government back to being run as it was intended, a CITIZEN government. For more information, read Mark Levin's book, "The Liberty Amendments". I believe 11 states have jumped on this bandwagon so far.

Number two is the FairTax Act. This law would eliminate the IRS and repeal the 16th amendment. If federal taxation becomes voluntary on the purchase of new items, ALL the awful, awesome power of taxation BY FORCE would leave Washington DC and be placed right where it belongs. In OUR hands. Let's be clear, a flat tax does not change the dynamic of power as the FairTax does.

If just those two things happen, we would see an American Renaissance like we can only dream about now.

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I understand the pride. However, all the legal guns are held by the right. Guess where all the illegal guns are? Just saying so no one gets too cocky. Cockiness kills. :-)

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I'm more distressed at the republicans willingness to let this opportunity for change to escape us all. The left, while their vitriol is hard to take at times, amuse me much more. It's fun watching them, so unaware of their stupidity, continue to dig their grave deeper and deeper. The underlying evil meanness in their actions should keep us wary. However, it's also true that the more they express their true feelings, the more they lose followers.

The Obama era had me very afraid this country's culture had been permanently transformed into a wannabe Marxist paradise. However, I think we've learned that Obama's two successful elections went his way due to his skin tone, his massive fraud schemes, and little else. So, instead of a wannabe Marxist paradise, we have a problem of shallowness. That is much easier to fix than a majority wanting birth to death "free" stuff. I don't think the skin tone thing will work again for the hilariously stupid and evil dems. People voted for skin color in the hope to heal America's so-called "original sin". More and more people are learning that leftism, the politics of malcontents, cannot survive if America is healed in any way.

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Thank you, Robert! Regarding the leftist religion, I said much the same thing on another site. It may have been overly harsh, but it is my true opinion of leftists in general. This is basically what I said......Unfortunately, the liberal thought process isn't based on logic and truth. It is only based on their feelings about themselves and how others see them. The liberals in power don't care about any of their stated "issues" either. They only care about the end result flogging these issues in conveying power to them.

If anyone prominent on the right sincerely makes progress advocating against racism, it has no meaning for the left because it is known to originate from the premise of freedom for all. That is not what a liberal is about. They want freedom and power for themselves and themselves alone. Flogging the racism issue is only a means to that end. That is why racism can never be "cured".

So, it is my layman's observation and opinion that liberalism is a mental disorder that must be studied and classified as such. Megalomaniacs, narcissists, and maybe even, if I may be so harsh, schizophrenics have nothing on liberals.