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I got a fat pill for you all. Why dont you put down the fast food, eat in moderation, get on a treadmill from time time and maybe add in the government will stop bailing you out when you get disabled because of your diabetes or being too fat too work...

It is NOT a granular issue, it is an issue of you lifing your fork to your mouth!

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3 months for a DUI - thats it? Big deal. And as evidenced in this case, having a suspended license means nothing. They just drive anyway.

I think if you get a DUI, you forfeit your car, your license is revoked for 1 year and you pay a $10K fine. If you cant pay the fine, you do 6 months in jail. 2nd offense is an automatic 3 year sentence and your 3rd DUI gets you a 5 year sentence. We are just WAY too soft on these kinds of crimes and they are just that - CRIMES! And we are talking about people dying here. We should take that seriously and I bet implementing the above - the DUIs will be dramatically reduced.

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Suspended license - Check
DUI - Check
Child Endangerment - Check
Probably lack of car or medical insurance - Check

So another innocent person dies because of the lack of personal accountability of another. How tragic. Our entire way of life is going to continue to go down the toliet until we as a society says "ENOUGH" and we start playing hardball with these idiots. It is only going to get worse. Poor woman, all she was doing was driving home and minding her own business and this complete waste of skin drunk comes skidding across the barrier and takes her out. This could be your Mom or Dad. You have the power - vote for politicans that will take crime serious and put a stop to all this madness.

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First they say the cops are being "too aggressive", then they decide to cut the budgets and lay off officers and reduce the police force and now they are saying the police are not doing enough. When are these liberal politicians WA State keeps election going to start looking in the mirror and realize we have a serious issue in Seattle and it is because we are WAY too soft on crime. We dont own our streets, the thugs, the drug addicts and sellers, the prostitutes and the gangs own our streets. We need a significant crackdown on crime, we need to toughen up our laws and we need to take the streets back once and for all. It is only going to get worse with liberals in charge.

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WA State is light on crime. They need to institute the death penalty for armed home invasions. To think that somebody can just kick down your door, hold all your family members hostage with guns and ramsack your house (including in this case a 9 month old baby) and when caught they get little time is just ridiculous.

When is WA State going to wake up and take crime seriously? Drug crimes are rampant. You cant walk downtown Seattle without running into a half dozen drug addicts, shootings every week. It is getting ridiculous. We better start electing people that are going to take crime seriously and start locking up these morons and throwing away the key. We need society protected....

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This has got to be the end of the Carroll years in Seattle. His " rah-rah everything is great" motivational
style and his bookend 7-9 seasons and then this abortion of a pick just should be the end of him. Time to get a real coach in here.

DeCastro was the right pick. You win games a the line of scimmage and maybe one of our QBs would actually be successful if they had time to throw. And could you imagine what the Beast could do behind our O-line with DeCastro in it? But no, we go with a 2nd or 3rd round undersized headcase that will play on 3rd downs instead? Those guys need their heads examined. One of the worst picks in Seahawk history and we look like IDIOTS to the rest of the league. Laughing stock of the league...

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This pilot shouldnt be "reviewed" on his medical certificate, he should never be allowed to in the cockpit again. One strike rule. Let him go teach flying in simulator or classroom or something, but something like this, he should never be allowed to fly with passengers again. Flying at 30,000ft with 200 passengers at 500mph is not a trivial profession and we as customers should be totally ensured that whoever is driving isnt going to flip out....

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When are we going to get serious about crime in this state? These thieves know the risk of getting caught is very low because we laid off many of our police, and when they are caught, they will do little or no time, and just re-offend over and over again and we do nothing. And it leaves nothing but victims like the guy in this story who gets ripped off over and over again and now has to move. The root of all of this is drugs, and we, in this society, need to tackle both - no tolerance for drugs and no tolerance for crime. Until we get serious about both, this is only going to increase and the Pacific Northwest is going to be a terrible place to live and all of us will become victims.

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Guy had a knife. Gathering the women together. Who knows what he would have done if the cops hadnt shown up so fast. And to think, we are cutting police out of the budget instead of tackling over spending, illegal immigration costs and waste. Some states have a VERY strong sentence for being caught in a house with a weapon - 20+ years. But WA State is way too liberaly to actually implement something like this so more of this is going to go on. We need to get very tough on crime or you are going to see alot more of this in Washington.

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Look. It is very simple. These people are hammered and got behind the wheel of a car which is illegal. This is 110% their fault - not signage, not weather, not other people. Take some personal responsibility. They drove hammered, they put everybody elses lives at risk and they own 110% of the consequences. I think this is a very strong reference to our weak drunk driving, slap on the wrist, penalties. Perhaps 1 year in jail for drunk driving would stop people from drinking and driving and killing innocent people. Driving down the highway the wrong way for 2 miles? Give me a fricken break...