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This is the two dimensional level of nation states and their peoples. I believe most reading here would agree that almost all nation states are cutouts controlled by internationalist apex elites. These elites are all on the same page as far as advancing agreed upon future agenda. 197 national cutouts are signed on to these NWO protocols via the corporate controlled U.N.. Russia has signed - Skolkova 2030, Venezuela has signed - Hasta 2030 etcetera....All the international intrigue as largely a false dialectic of a strategy of tension meant to push the worker bee population in one direction or the other for a pre planned sequential set of stimuli and reaction. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KOY4Ka-GBus

At the three dimensional level all the pyramind cap elites are all inter-invested in each other's enterprise. All are interconnected with the world spanning institutions of their creation. The head of the Russia Central Bank gets "Banker of the Year Award - European Zone' for several years running and this while the first sanctions were being applied and she keeps interest rates artificially high increasing their bite and the Russian political class does absolutely nothing in defense of the people of the nation. Meanwhile the Russian oligarchy has slightly more ownership of all of the assets in Russia than their American counterparts with whom they conduct business across a large spectrum of mutual interests. The world is a criminal enterprise Mr Beale and the worker bees must be aligned to it.

Want to know what the pyramid cap wants and how they mean to achieve their goal? Follow the link to a discussion on this topic :

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There is a whole world program of creating strategic tensions to fixate the public's attention on a total illusion so that they can be brought along towards an endgoal without the majority noticing with as little noise as possible.

The US Govt. most here will concede is controlled by the powers of financial capitalism, Wall Street and beyond. The same structure exists in Russia with most of the same controllers sitting on the interlocking Boards of Directors. China has already exceeded the expectations of these owners. China's polit bureau is filled with engineers, scientists and other technocrats. China has already been called an advancing Technocracy by several MS intelligentsia.

So what is the REAL purpose of all this kabuki theater at the two dimensional level of the international stage, where cutout nations states and their peoples operate? "The state exists to enforce the dominance of elites, all the rest being propaganda, misdirection and obfuscation."

At the three dimensional level we see the advancement of all things leading to a world spanning Technocracy under the auspices of these owners hidden behind the staging of such memes as 'sustainable development -Agenda 21' and its technocratic dictates. This link is to a broad based discussion of the coming of a Technocracy : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FRZ3Igh7jU

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These Americans joined the military of their own free will. They also should have, if they didn't, have taken into account of the for who, what, where, when and why of these aggressive wars before signing a contract with the US military. As such they did join and sign on to follow orders. It is my opinion to think of these recruits more as mercenaries, rather than as hapless victims, as completely willing to kill and do other harm for a pay check ....Order followers can be defined as those who obey someone else's commands and have therefore attempted to abdicate their free will and personal responsibility in choosing their own actions based in determination of whether those behaviors are of a moral or immoral nature.

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On the ground truthful reporting is a must when situations deteriorate as they have between the globalists and Venezuela. Bartlet as far as I have heard may be a bit biased but is not considered dishonest.

The only thing that stands out as suspicious are photos of store shelves stock full. This either means product was pushed forward to the front for the photo op or the shelves are completely full meaning folks are not buying. Just a quibble but note worthy pointing to bias.

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The political class as vetted and chosen has been deteriorating in quality for quite some time. So the will the quality of the political theater as a result. The corporate media remains of the same quality but if it has to report from its position as a propaganda organ of the state, on inferior theatrics it will suffer being tarred with the same brush...as it should.

The old imperial ways are to be wrapped up and placed on the history shelf. The controllers who stood behind imperialism have seen the end of its run from a long way off and deftly put their efforts into maintaining their position atop the pyramid cap. They have designed the next paradigm and process of transition to that paradigm. The USA LLC and other imperialists are caught out of sync with the future but this is all a part of the greater plan. The biggest problem the controllers face are those democracy loving peoples that inhabit the old imperial powers. Both can go down together and be reborn into the NWO.

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Are you familiar with the concept of 'graduated animal truth farms'? Each farm delivers an increased but standardized amount of truth a little greater than the last. Each farm according to the awareness of its inhabitants which it seeks to keep penned at that level. Eg, Fox news -Hannity-Alex Jones or CNN-Huffington- ICH. and beyond for each and every ideological class.

I doubt any of the uninitiated, us, will ever get to see behind the last curtain. In the grand scheme this may not matter anyway as who would believe us. Our search for the truth is a matter of personal pursuit just because somehow justice and fair play make up a big part of our very natures. That said doing research is often long periods boring sifting in exchange for a glorious moment of revelation. Those constantly engaged in this tedious work get my sincere gratitude and some money in support of their work. The Corbetts and others of this world.

Good luck out there....

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You make a very good point. You should come over to Black Listed News as there are some very brilliant minds there. A few are on sabbatical it seems of late.. Also lately there has been a bit of a Christian invasion. Still they are vastly more aware than what passes for the average frequency level here. I'll warn you its more of a wild west with the freedom to express one's thoughts and opinions in no uncertain terms.

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I agree with your assessment. That is why I don't bother replying to those that are really thought controlled as a waste of time and energy. However, once in awhile someone sparks my interest or I spark someone's and a conversation can develop that leads to new knowledge and new understanding. I've had the disquieting pleasure of being corrected of erroneous concepts by others and if you are able to concede you were in error you get to grow. It seems many commenters here have limited concepts that are well within the constructs and stimuli that the authorities have provided them to respond to in Pavlovian reaction. However, there will be the occasional stray we may encounter that is thirsty for knowledge that we may be able to help point in a direction of investigation that pleases them.

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There is a even bigger picture beyond this December 2014 post by Orlov. We must realize that the owners of the financial capitalist world system are all inter invested in each other's enterprise. China's new silk road has investment coming from all the major players just as China's elites have invested everywhere off shore. The boards of directors of Chinese financial institutions and creations interlock with other major world financial institutions. Just as when the Roman Empire decayed its elites simply moved their operations to its replacement. While the Anglo-American imperium is in collapse its elites have already moved much of the their operations to that which will follow in its wake and that is not some nation state cutout but rather into these world spanning institutions that include the elites of other jurisdictions that they may in solidarity rule the planet. The Russian oligarchy and the Chinese 'immortals' along with the pyramid cap from the west are all working together to advance their agenda in their own interests.