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So much for studying tomorrow, well, oh well, PONIES! http://equestrianbookclub.blogspot.com/

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Did anyone read what dash was writing on that paper? Seriously, open the image and zoom in, she is writing a twi-dash shipping story.
Also blog plug. http://equestrianbookclub.blogspot.com/

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Both of my folks are teachers, both of them get sick all the time, both of them drink stinging nettle tea with rosehip, you will feel good as new by tomorrow if you drink a nice warm cup of the stuff. It also goes down better with honey or peppermint. Get Well Soon! http://equestrianbookclub.blogspot.com/

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I am just glad that the biggest names in the fandom where not burned alive, and for that, we thank you. http://equestrianbookclub.blogspot.com/

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My Brother and Father are going to Comic-Con. You think if I give them my wallet they will throw it at whatever pony merch they can get me?

Also, speaking of my brother....

So, my dear brother over at JKParodies has challenged me to a race to 10,000 views. The prize? Double or nothing from our last race (Which we totally rallied!)
I need your help! Once again I will be putting the link to this site where I can, but I need you all to spread the word! Tell your friends about this blog, post a link on your Facebook Brony groups, post it on Twitter, or whatever you kids are using these days.
More content tomorrow,but today? I MUST BEAT MY BROTHER!
Thank you. http://equestrianbookclub.blogspot.com/

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What I think is incredible is that Entertainment weekly recognizes that we exist, and then did the one thing that I have been waitin for for so long...
They didn't make a big deal out of it.

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3111m with Twilight.

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I remember awhile back there was a Past Sins printing and now there is a Fallout: Equestria printing? Has this happened before? I know this is my first fandom but my god, this has to be unique!
What sucks is that in twenty four days I will be 18. And once I am 18 I will have a bank card. this means I will be able to start buying things, but the two things that I want most, a Past Sins hard copy and a Fallout Equestria hard copy, will ALREADY BE OUT A PRINT!
I know its a first world problem and that I should not whine, but as a fan fic blogger I feel that the one fan-made thing that I should own would be a print of two of the best fics...
Maybe I will be able to buy a print of Project Horizons, but that has to be finished first.
have some blog while we wait: http://equestrianbookclub.blogspot.com/

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Not a cake? Explicit Valve reference? Something Something Something?

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Ohhh.. A Story about a dark special talent? A character with plenty of characteristics to flush out? And a fantastic premise? I am going to love, love, love this! http://equestrianbookclub.blogspot.com/