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I think their explanation for that one is good at least. They originally had them 2d to stop confusion, but it just created more confusion. Just treat all blasts as true spheres. So the max height will be 1/2 of the template size. 2.5" and 1.5" respectively for large and standard and most of us can easily envision a sphere from center point. Might not be ideal but in my one test-game since the rules dropped, it took less time than the old ruling. YMMV.

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I am responsible for the copy & paste job, so any errors criticisms can be lobbed at me. This is accurate as of 5/4/2016 at 11p EST. I am sure quite a bit of it will change over the next few weeks, and some of it that doesn't change might be rewritten more clearly.

There's a lot of interpretations that go against what most used prior to this and some of them are just downright striking. There are some 'interpretations' of the rules that are outright rewrites without actually being errata. I'd love to hear others opinions on them.

The errata's themselves are quite brief but there's substance there. the new wording to psychic witchfires seriously changes some units' usefulness. Psychic Shriek in particular becomes far more clear, and more powerful by a lot in my local meta. The change to FMC's is great, and I am happy to see it hit. Especially for how it effects daemons.

as for the FAQ's, mixed bag but I will talk about the ones that stand out for me as a big deal.

I play Tau primarily so the MC IC joining units is a much appreciated clarifier. The use of two weapons in overwatch is a huge deal for tau, and although that was how -I- always interpreted the rule, nobody else I ever played once interpreted it that way. Super pleased, but also think it better balances the meta in general rather than harming it. The Y'vahra battlesuit in particular gets fun with this, since he can overwatch with 3 weapons. mwahaha. The loss of jink+go to ground is minor, and I think tau have the only unit in the game effected by it, with the Drone-Net VX-1-0 getting a tiny bit less resilient.

There are three massive nerfs here that need discussion.
1) Not being able to deploy in BB transports is huge. Eldar and Conclave get hit by this hard but it's actually doing across the board damage. My Sororitas Repentia won't be running with stormn-ravens after all. This changes quite a lot of very common army lists I assume most of us face.
2.) Grenades. Holy nerfbat, grenades. Now maybe there are people out there reading this that always used only 1 grenade in the assault phase but everybody I have talked to did it as 1 in the shooting phase and all of them in the assault phase. The points seem to account for that kind of use too. Going from 12 grenades being used on a land raider to 1 being used is a huuuuuge blow for my fire warrior strike team, and makes the chance I will pay 2 pts/model for emp in the future nonexistent. Krak-grenade tacticals were free, but it's still a huge blow to viability in one of their roles. This gives a stealth boost, and a notable one, to melee walkers. Dreadnoughts just got a lot better but even some oft-unseen walkers deserve a second look because of it.
3.) Relics/artefacts being 1 total artefact per model is a big deal. In some cases (tau), it doesn't make any sense given our artefacts specifically note they can be used together, but do not specifically note I can take both on the same character. Awkward. They aren't technically relics/artefacts so for now it may be argued it doesn't apply to them. For other armies it is a straight up nerf.. Cranon for example cannot actually be built the way GW specifically tells you to build him, because he can't take the several artefacts to do it.

Lots of subtle dings to invisibility is nice to see. FNP maxing out at 2+ instead of 1+ may seem common sense, but it is nice to see them actually make that call rather than assume we were all using it that way. the changes to challenge protections could potentially be a useful thing to keep in mind, and will have to be adjusted for in competitive play in how you lay out your characters when making a charge in some cases (where you can't refuse, namely.) I can see it mattering a lot for bloodthirsters of insensate solo-charging smashfucker + anti-mc honour-guard. Since he may actually be able to drop the whole unit if he sets it up right.

two specific 'what the literal fug?' ruling regards scouting and infiltrating. You can't embark in the dedicated transport you bought for a unit before infiltrating that unit? And you do scout redeployment after rolling for seize the initiative? How the heck does that work? Did GW forget the way their turn order is structured? I expect both of these to get axed but YMMV.

What are your big wow moments in the read-through? What are you most interested in?